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KU volleyball sweeps K-State

Great job! Ray has a good thing going over in Horejsi and on the road!

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Opinion: Help is on the way: WR Justin McCay part of Cavalry II

I think you hit the nail on the head right there. He compares at least somewhat favorably to where those guys were as freshmen. Obviously they developed a lot to get to that level, because they weren't winning Heismans as freshmen. Most of the time, when a guy is labeled a bust it isn't because he isn't any good but because he doesn't get any better and teams learn quickly to take away his well-known strengths. Hopefully Heaps has/will continue to develop into that type of player. Time will tell.

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KU swimming wins double dual

which of these things is not like the others?

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Runners-up: KU women second at league

wow -- congrats ladies! Best big12 finish in school history, keep up the good work!

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Seven track Jayhawks All-Americans

Great job ladies! KU has a storied history of track & field and I'm excited to see the program returning to prominance. You make the Jayhawk Nation proud!

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KU says Title IX satisfied in case

we closed the gap by eliminating a few ladies (like walk-ons from non-revenue sports), or by taking a couple more walk-ons in each currently-existing men's sport.

At least that would be my guess.

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KU swimmer earns trip to Trials

Congratulations from here as well -- trials cuts are a huge deal and praise is well-deserved!

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Reasons for KU fans to not be scared, admiration for OSU's Keiton Page, and predictions for Monday's game

I am a little scared as well, but it seems that one thing the team has done this year is learn about facing challenging situations.

Jesse, anyone else.. when was the last time KU faced #1, #2, #3 (at the time) in one season?

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

I'm all for personal ridicule, as long as its something that occurs during a game (Bill Walker's "power towel", anyone?) but I am more than disappointed when fans of any team resort to attacks like the t-shirts rumored to be in production referencing the personal challenges that TRob has had to overcome in the past year.

He has grown as a person and as a player more than any Jayhawk that I can remember and I'm proud that he puts on a Kansas uniform every week. I know that he'll hear things from the Mizzou fans (regardless of Frank Haith's speeches to the Antlers) that I wouldn't be able to handle without reacting, so I am even more impressed with his drive and determination as evidenced by this article.

Best of luck TRob and the rest of the team tomorrow, Jayhawk Nation is behind you!

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Looking at KU's biggest advantage against the Bruins, plus predictions from Maui

Only a partially related question -- though I'm not terribly surprised that UCLA has an all-time winning record against KU, Jesse (or anyone else out there in Jayhawkland, do you know if there anyone else on the schedule this year against whom KU has a losing record?

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