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Looking back at KU basketball's milestone victories

Not a milestone victory but the best game I saw at AFH was UCLA. Wow what a comeback.

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Tom Keegan: Finally, Kansas and Kansas State feel like genuine rivals

He did seem to get the most out of his guys. But it is only one game. It is still pretty lopsided it the w/l column.

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Tom Keegan: No reason point guard not in Josh Jackson's NBA future

Dirk it wasn't during the KSU game it was before break. Maybe I heard him incorrectly.

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Tom Keegan: No reason point guard not in Josh Jackson's NBA future

I thought I heard Fran say he wasn't enrolled in classes second semester.

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Tom Keegan: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk a world traveler who got away with one

+1 John Boyle
K State looked like an ice dancing team out there the way they were sliding their feet.

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The Americanization of KU's Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

Hi Tom,
I tried to message you but I'm not sure if it worked. Can you do a piece on Newman? How he is liking KU etc.

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Svi and Vick keys to moving on without Udoka Azubuike

Is becoming the player we all thought he would be. He is turning it on.

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Start of Big 12 play provides Kansas a carrot to stay focused

I saw a post where your husband says he posts under your name because he doesn't have a FB account.

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Arrest affidavit: Carlton Bragg Jr. stood with hands in pockets as girlfriend allegedly hit, pushed him

I don't really care who you backed in the election. Keep your politics out of my enjoying the best college basketball program ever!!

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Starting center Udoka Azubuike's impact could fluctuate from game to game

I am sooo excited for this guy. I have been waiting for KU to get a bruiser like this.

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