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KU hoops target Mitchell Ballock talk of town

I don't like the trend of people naming their girls with boys names. Ryan, Blake, etc.

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KU basketball notebook: Signees Alexander, Oubre add to awards

6) Zach Peters ended up enrolling/transferring to Arizona. He played very sparingly this past season (a grand total of 31 minutes).

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Bracket madness: Matt Tait and Benton Smith examine the South region and the rest of the field (Spodcasters)

Ultimate sleeper pick - Oregon in the west to get to the elite 8.

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Notebook: KU aware OSU seed doesn’t match talent

Along the lines of KU wearing their alternate March Madness jerseys, just read an article that the NCAA has prohibited Baylor from wearing their laughable "sic em" jerseys. Too bad, I was looking forward to getting a chuckle out of those embarrassing rags!

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One more time: Oklahoma State and Kansas tangle again

"think about it this way: a team that already has split with KU is just starting to get it."

OK, so the group of Markel Brown (senior), LeBryan Nash (junior), Phil Forte (sophomore), & Marcus Smart (sophomore) are just starting to get it after almost 2 full seasons together. Gosh that Travis Ford is one heck of a coach! All it took was a 7 game losing streak and a 3-game suspension to their prima donna point guard, and he's got them right on track!

I could care less what Travis Ford says, even if it's about how well he perceives his own team playing. If any words out of that guy's mouth frighten you, maybe you should reconsider your line of work.

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Breaking down the Big 12 Tournament, game by game...

No way Faylor has enough to get all the way to the championship game.

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Sophomore star: Perry Ellis impresses former Jayhawk Brandon Rush

No, he played in the post in high school. I live in Wichita, went to Wichita Heights myself (about a decade before Perry), and have followed Perry for quite some time. He also played the 4 for his AAU team, Play and Pray. Now it is true that at Heights they would sometimes have Perry do things on the perimeter or even bring the ball up the court, but he was a post player. The thing to remember is that in high school, even in cities as large as Wichita and bigger, there isn't usually a ton of height. You can't afford to play someone's as tall as Perry at the 3 because it takes away from your rebounding edge down low replacing him with someone say...6'3". It's really a credit to Perry and his work ethic that he has the ball handling skills and outside shooting touch that make him an attractive option at the 3 while still so young.

The scenario does present somewhat of an issue next year with Alexander coming in. Here's a guy who has a legitimate shot to be the #1 recruit coming in. He'll almost definitely remain in the top 5. Guys ranked that high don't usually go somewhere with the intention of not starting. However, if Embiid comes back, who do you sit? Playing Ellis at the 3 solves that problem (other than, as discussed below, Perry's defensive liabilities), but then (also as discussed below) you are now sitting another McDonald's all-American in Kelly Oubre. It will be interesting to see how Self sorts it out (again, working under the condition that Embiid returns. If he leaves it is largely a moot point).

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Jayhawks: Embiid definitely ‘beat up’

Louisville would have been the team to get, but this is their only year in the American. Next year they join the ACC.

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The Day After: TCU

Here we go again with the "lob dunks" were open parade, complete with the time these allegedly happened.

Ellis did manage to throw a few dunks down. Just didn't feel like mentioning that? Nah, doesn't fit into your neat little package of Ellis' "funky" & "weak" game that he brings.

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Kansas already in discussion for No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament

"We all like looking ahead. Who doesn't?"

Pretty much every athlete who has a microphone stuffed in his face. I mean, they always tell us "we're just taking it one game at a time. Trying to get better day by day."


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