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Self comments on Henry situation

I try to avoid reading these posts let alone contributing because this message board has become a serious problem. News Flash: Recruits read these posts! If you don’t believe me you need to read this article about how Bo Ryan and Wisconsin lost a big time recruit because he felt like that fans hated him after reading their schools message board
There are a handful of @$$ holes who get on hear and bash 18 year old kids based on nothing but rumors and speculation. Those of you know who you are and you are grossly misrepresenting KU’s true fans and embarrassing the school and yourselves. None of us have enough info to make statements about these kids character. X has never had anything but great things to say about KU and numerous times has expressed how much he loves it here. Now, after one erroneous article he can get on here and read how all the fans “never wanted him in the first place.” I hope you jerks are happy, you may have played a big role in losing two of the best recruits KU has EVER had (make no mistake about, CJ is the real deal too).
X, CJ I hope you boys realize that most of the people posting here are top shelf @#$* and if/when you finally make it to Lawrence you will find that the REAL Jayhawk fans have nothing but love for you. Now head on up here and let’s have some fun wining the NC next year!

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Final answer? KU

38-2 with a NC next year, no doubt. I love X but even if he is a OAD it wont hurt to bad. Harrison Barnes is on tap for 2010 and most believe he is the best SG/SF in this or next years class (some so called "experts" say he is already better than X right now). Barnes can come in 2 years and our Jayhawks wont skip a beat.

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Henry brothers close to making decision; father says no visit to Kentucky, but later says visit on tap

I am only going to say this one more time. X became a Jayhawk on March 30 when Cal left Memphis. Self would NEVER have let Lance not commit unless X was a 100% AIR TIGHT LOCK, not leaning toward KU 99%, not favoring, only if X was a NO DOUBT COMMIT. We are talking about HCBS, the best in the business! This has been a no-brainer from jump. Everyone has debated for weeks over a non issue.

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Henry brothers close to making decision; father says no visit to Kentucky, but later says visit on tap

X is going to be a Jayhawk. Its been a sure thing since the day Cal left for UK. These are facts.

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Thomas, Appleton leaving Kansas

You are dead a$$ wrong. Not only is everyone coming back but X playing in the phog next year is a lock (and a very obvious one at that).

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Memphis not hiring recruit’s father

Exactly! I thought the world was coming to an end when Roy left but in retrospect his departure was a blessing in disguise. KU fans should be lining up to thank Roy for going back to UNC because it led to us hiring the best coach in the country. Self is an early morning stone cold bad ass and after he wins another NC next year everyone in the country will agree.
… And X Henry is clearly going to be a Jayhawk, it shocks me that more of you have not come to this realization.

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Robinson using McDonalds snub as motivation

T Rob is a monster! We should be as excited for him to arrive in Larryville as we are for any player from next years class (WHICH INCLUDES X!). Im telling you guys Henry is all ours, done deal. The only debating left to do is over who will give up thier scholly or transfer becasue It sounds like Collins and Aldrich are both coming back.
In regards to the 09-10 season, it will be stunning if KU looses more than 3 games. Its gonna be a lot of fun.

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Henry wants to go to KU, father says

He will have to work harder than he ever has but X will start next year for Kansas. Physically he is already a man and he is known for being a maniac gym rat with a great work ethic. Whether or not he stays in the phog for more than a year is uncertain but while Self has him, he will be on the court.

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Henry wants to go to KU, father says

X comming to Lawrence has been inevitable since the moment Lance delayed his commitment. Self dosnt gamble and he dosent mislead people. The staff knew we had X as soon as Calipari left and Stephenson was told look else where.
(sorry TDUB, Lance didnt snooze, KU sent let him go)
Self would have never risked loosing them both. It has just taken a while to finalize because of NCAA red tape and CJ

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