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Game day Breakdown: No. 6 KU basketball at Oklahoma State

Will be interesting how we play now the heat is off, and how Coach coaches. Will they play focused and relaxed, and be even more lethal from 3? Or will their intensity wane while the Pokes fight for their post-season life. Also interesting to see the crowd attending. KU fans are always there in numbers as the drive isn't that far. Their place was sold out and rocking back in the day of Eddie Sutton teams. Not so much these days. The Thunder and their legions down here rob from the the crowds at both OU and OSU games.

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Bill Self won't be surprised if under-the-radar team emerges as 2018 national champ

Did I miss it? No mention of Wichita State here? I think they would have a place on the list. Or maybe they are considered a notch above the others listed. Maybe a 3 or 4 seed? The odds go up for us to play them again in the tournament and/or to draw Missouri if they get in. Both would be tough and it would take our best.

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Jayhawks need consistency from 'X-factor' Lagerald Vick in coming weeks

Let's be honest here. We all love LaGerald and yearn for him to be consistently successful. His physical skills are unquestioned. His potential seems unlimited at times. But there is growing evidence (I admit from afar) LV has some mild psychological issues which may limit his performance. Does he sulk? Pout? Lack self-confidence, or does he struggle with interest and motivation? Not sure. Do the other personalities on the team soak up so much of the air in the room that he struggles to express himself. He looks painfully shy on the interviews. Will maturity as a senior help? Maybe. He is running out of time. He could struggle to be a starter next year with some of the players coming in and the continued development of Marcus Garrett. For one thing, I don't think LV likes physical contact. He seems to prefer clean air. Given, he only weighs a buck and three quarters, but you have to grow into enjoying contact. Svi, Devonte and Malik have made huge strides here. Marcus doesn't shy away. The only way to learn to enjoy and find success going to the hole is doing it. I don't see that happening this time in the year. So my guess we will have to live the rest of this season with the appearances and disappearances of LaGerald Vick.

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Getting to know: Texas basketball

I just don't see it that way through my neurotic, KU basketball fan lens. I'm just sitting here wringing my hands and hoping we can get those Seniors off of the court early so we can send them out right in preparation for Season #2 and #3. Please! I need a therapist! Oh, yea, I am one. That's not good.

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Kansas basketball's Senior Night about more than the guys giving the speeches

I think the picture and the ball belong somewhere in the lobby of the Fieldhouse. Pretty cool, Seniors. You've been living the dream right along with the players and I'm sure it was just as hard of work in its own special way. Congratulations and enjoy the memories you have for the rest of your lives.

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KU seniors Devonte' Graham, Svi Mykhailiuk set to say goodbye together

Dang. Leave it to me to be the "party pooper." Duh! There is a game tonight with a team coming in fighting for a spot in the dance with a coach who has beaten us before in a big game, and who is probably telling his team they don't make the dance unless they win tonight. Want to spoil this party, lose tonight and and the shine comes right off of those senior speeches. Then, well, crap. We would have to go to Stillwater (I saw the O8 team lose there and haven't been back because of the reoccurring episodes of PTSD) to win outright. Believe me, we don't want to have to do that. Come on, guys. Sober up. Texas has something to prove tonight and if one thing we know about this year's team is their margin of error is much smaller at home than in the past 13 years. Take care of business and then we celebrate.

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Game day Breakdown: No. 8 KU basketball at No. 6 Texas Tech

OK. Now. No more "corruption stuff" today. Let's go get #14! Bring it, Hawks.

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Kansas linked to college basketball scandal in Yahoo Sports report

One of the big questions in all of this is to what extent you can hold a school responsible for what transpired between a player, their family and an agent of some type. Anyone ever around the AAU circuit in the off season knows family members, players, particularly elite ones, and the shoe people, coaches and "agents" are all mixed up with each other in an amalgam. Questions like were any school-hired coaches, staff members, boosters, alumni, etc involved in any way with a "transaction" will be critical to any investigation. Further, what did the school (or anyone connected with the school) know, and when did they know it, will be important questions going forward. How difficult will that to be to sort out? In the scope of all of this I would think pretty difficult. If there is a silver lining in this playbook, Kansas is in very good company and so far we are on the lighter end of this. Do we think the Billy Preston car deal would have ever reached the level of investigation prior to all of this college basketball corruption surfacing? I really doubt we would ever have even of heard of it other than the fact Billy was not injured in the accident. They can convict, sanction, suspend and fire all they want as a result of this investigation, but if it doesn't lead to meaningful reform it will continue to happen with participants just being more careful. Any mixture of parents who live in poverty, elite players with a shot in just a few short years of making millions barring injury, big money shoe/clothing companies, coaches who survive on their won/loss records, and AAU coaches and "agents" will prove too tempting and we will have the "same song, second verse" playing over and over again.

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KU Sports Extra: Comeback Roads Back at Home

I thought the officiating was pretty bad, (and a great deal of that was directed against us), and so did Jay Bilas who I appreciate calling them how he sees them. Most announcers give cover to the officials when the video doesn't lie. Early in the year KU wasn't getting to the line because they were drilling 3's rather than driving to the hole. When KU started going "downhill" everyone quit talking about the disparity of foul shots because suddenly we are at the line a great deal. Would Huggie Bear exchange 14 for 26 from 3 for more drives to the hole and more fouls? In hindsight he might if he thought he could get Dok out of the game. Well, you guys and everyone else are already talking about next Saturday which won't mean much if we lose tomorrow night. How do you get a team back up one day after that emotional deal last night? Hopefully, the loss in Norman will help. Dok, get in the fancy practice facility in your "Mansion" and keep working on those freebies because they are coming with Hack-a-Dok until you can hit them or you will be on the bench. As is clear, an inspired Dok on the floor makes us immensely better. Would someone please give LaGerald three 5-Hour energy drinks at halftime? Would the students just start chanting his name over and over as if "where are you, LaGerald?" And while you are at it, chant the name Malik some, also. Who on this team likes the Big Stage with those bright lights? We know Devonte does from the moment he pulled into Lawrence. Svi has grown into it. Dok acted like he discovered the Big Stage last night and found it to his liking. Malik sticks his tow in the water late in games, thank God. LaGerald still struggles with stage fright. The cure? Drive to the hole and discover the pain is short-lived when you get your head torn off and and you get two shots at the line to speed the healing process. Come on Hawks! It's there for the taking! Take it!

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Tom Keegan: Jay Bilas wonders why college athletes can't have agents

Whatever the solution(s), something must be done to correct a system where institutions and people get rich on the backs of these kids with their unique talent while many of their parents languish in poverty with absolutely no guarantee they will be financially rewarded. Let's be honest here. In their shoes (sorry about the pun) I might cut a side deal, too, for my child, and my family.

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