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Jayhawks squeeze Orange in Miami

I hate to be that KU homer that complains about east coast announcer bias, but that was pitiful. All of the first half talk from "has ACC tattoo on his heart" Dickie V and the other guy about Syracuse's vaunted zone, with hardly a word about the KU pesky, undersized man to man which held Cuse to 5 first-half field goals. The whole of the broadcast sounded like an ACC marketing event. Was this what this strange little tournament really was? This team is really showing some good defense and hardly a word about it on the broadcast. I'm going to go back and watch and listen to the replay and see if it is really as bad as i thought I heard last night.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas and Syracuse a study in contrasts

So who will play in the middle of that zone for the Hawks? Will it be LaGerald? Not sure. Hopefully we can get some one shot defensive rebounds and run. Much harder to set the zone up when folks are running up your butt. John Wooden always believed in the importance of trying to always field a quicker team than your opponent. People forget that because of the great centers like Kareem and Walton. But his great teams were always very quick. This KU bunch is very quick.

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Second-rounder Frank Mason III earning spot in Kings' rotation

He is relentless. He will make the guys ahead of him bring it every night. They better not let up, because they will learn Frank won't.

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Notebook: Lawrence's Justin Roberts receives pregame ovation; KU football player could walk on

Sounds like Coach has decided it might be best to take out an insurance policy. You always lose something if you have to use your insurance to help cover a loss, but it is always better than having no insurance whatsoever.

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Kansas basketball benefiting from putting defense first

Everybody is talking about the offense while the defense is getting a lot better. The last two games, at least, they've played like they are starting to take pride in their defense. Usually teams have a calling card as either defensive focused, or high scoring, and offensive minded. Could this team have decided to try to be good at both? Way too early to tell. But, we will know a whole lot more about this team over the next 5 game stretch. Last year's team was Frank's and this year is every bit as much Devonte's. Just comes to show you there are many ways to lead as they both use completely different styles to do so. Frank contained his personality and let his actions do the talking. Devonte's personality oozes out of his pores and his action items aren't too bad either. And so far, both have been wildly successful. For those of us KU basketball fanatics who live and die with these KU teams, this bunch is way fun to watch and study. The players, the mix of the players, their skill sets, their short shorts and hair styles, seniors integrated together with inexperienced and talented players, But the big issue over the course of the season is the depth issue. A couple of upcoming issues break the right way and we could have unexpected depth. Some bad outcomes, it will be how far you can go on a half tank of gas.

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The value of Devonte' Graham's leadership displayed in 39 seconds

Yesterday I saw Tre Young, the freshman phenom at OU hang 40 on Oregon. Be fun to see what happens with Devonte' guarding him in a few weeks. You get the sense at times Devonte can be or do whatever he sets him mind to do and that seems to be whatever the team needs. Leadership, scoring, dish, defense, whatever. He doesn't seem to mind letting others be in the limelight if that is helpful to the team. Last year he seemed content allowing Frank to own the show with himself as 2nd Banana. Until we needed mega scoring fast against WVA, and everyone remembers what happened then.

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Roberts Reunion: KU vs. Toledo a family affair

Be nice if his coach would let him start.

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Familiar Finale: Jayhawks end season with blowout loss to Oklahoma State

John, I don't know what crow taste like, but if you are right, then serve it up. I'd love to chow down to it with some multiple wins.

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KU basketball winning with different styles in 2017

Oh, thank God. Football is finally over and we can turn our attention to the salve for our! I don't even really have anything to say here right now. I'm sure that may surprise some of you reading this who may recognize my byline. I just need to post somewhere on something besides that poor beleaguered bunch of football coaches and players. Thank you for this brief indulgence.

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Familiar Finale: Jayhawks end season with blowout loss to Oklahoma State

The absence of comments tells a good part of the story. Let's be honest. The fan base is completely demoralized. I have tried to stick by Coach Beaty because I don't believe we can repeat "hire and fire" every two or three years without continuing to lose credibility in the college football coaching world. Right now, the program would appear to be a coaching grave yard. If anyone can turn this around (Beaty or whomever) he will be quickly labeled a "hot commodity" in the world of college coaching and have the pick of opportunities. Zenger can't do anything except resign or be fired as his wagon is hitched to Beaty. Of course he is going to say nice things about his Coach. The Chancellor essentially made the final decision. Not Zenger. It would appear they are now going to try to rebuild this thing via fundraising and facilities development. Build new state of art facilities and use that to help attract better recruits. It is a gamble, but it has to be done anyway. But can you raise that kind of money on the backs of the current program which is arguably one of the very worst in any of the major conferences, and in quite a few of the smaller ones? If he can do it, Zenger may not go down as one of the better AD's we've ever had, but he will be touted as one hell of a fundraiser.

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