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The Season of Svi: Why 2017-18 might be different for KU's Mykhailiuk

Our football program finally gets a ton of posts, and all for the wrong reasons. Sad. Oh, well.

Back to what we love and are good at...and that would be basketball! Love me some Svi. Hope he has the year a senior who is still young in age years should have at Kansas which puts him in a great position to play in the NBA. If not, he will be set up to make a nice living playing closer to his home. I think the confidence thing for him is big deal as it is with any player. Coming into a school like Kansas at sixteen not speaking the predominant language had to be tough. I thought his defense, while still needing work, made huge strides last year. His tendency to get caught looking and getting beat back door must be addressed. Still can't get over the closeness of the relationship between he and Devonte. How did Coach Howard describe it last year? "They are brothers."

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Tom Keegan: Clock tick, tick, ticking on Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger

I get the thought, Andy. But It ain't going to happen. It would surely make national headlines and bring the program a great deal of fast notoriety, just not the kind we need right now.

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Tom Keegan: Clock tick, tick, ticking on Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger

Not sure about Bill Self as AD, but if this happens, and I get it that it probably will (there will be purple mixed with KU crimson blood smeared together the next two weeks), whoever is hired must have Self's blessing as his new boss. You have to always take care of your #1 asset because if that relationship ever soured and you lose that, things just got much, much worse. The worrisome thing from the game this past Saturday would suggest the team has quit playing for their coach. Hope that isn't the case because it would be worst case scenario for a football team with a lot of football left to play. I think a previous post is right. Keegan is working his sources and there is blood in the water.

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KU defense played 'by far' its best game of season at ISU

BREAKING NEWS: The University of Kansas announced today they are dropping football as a intercollegiate sport due to rapidly emerging research demonstrating permanent brain damage as a result of repeated collisions involving the head in the course of playing the game. Stated Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, "thankfully we didn't really hit anyone hard enough to create a head injury to one of our players, but it could happen some day. And we are not going to take that chance. Our $300 million dollar football stadium renovation will be used to turn Memorial Stadium into a park allowing people to go and sit to contemplate the horrors of football and talk about the coming year's basketball team and possible new recruits."

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List of potential players in college basketball scandal continues to grow

Does anyone think there hasn't been a closed door private meeting between Coach and his assistants which goes something like, "OK, let's have it. Are we all clean here?" If I was the KU chancellor, I'd have our University attorney (or a privately hired one) over there asking the same thing. You can hide things from the NCAA, but don't lie or hide stuff in a federal investigation like this one. It won't just be "what did we do or not do." It will be "what do you know, what have your heard, what are their names, and when did it occur." Coming completely clean in a deal like this one is your best friend. This environment has been so corrupt for so long it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for these investigators.

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Deja vu: Kansas rotates quarterbacks in 65-19 loss against Texas Tech

I think we've heard this record before. The A-side and the B-side. The outcomes. The coaches and player's comments, the QB changes, the "fire him, or him, or how about firing him over there. The "we need to fire him and hire him." The blame game. No need to have us blog. Just slide in the blog posts of the last 5 years. The all fit and will work for just fine. But whatever we do, let's never suggest we can't really recruit the level of players required because we have fired a string of coaches so quickly we can't overcome the Catch-22 we are trapped in, and because high end recruits see Jayhawk fans fail to show up and many of those that do leave at half-time.

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Kansas Athletics official says none of Bill Self's pay comes directly from Adidas

This does't necessarily exonerate Coach or the University, but it certainly is a critically important clarification (and distinction from Patino's little arrangement) in the context of this federal investigation into corruption in college basketball. But, what does “outside income, which includes speaking engagements, basketball camps and miscellaneous other sources" mean? Hopefully, and probably, nothing. But make no mistake, I am sure they will look at those miscellaneous "other sources" very carefully in the case of a high profile coach, and a program who has a contract with Adidas. KU has a chance here to come out clean in the context of what will certainly be a messy corruption case. This could bode well for recruiting in the future new world of college hoops. Hopefully, the investigators are also looking carefully at the AAU system which has looked sketchy for years, even to an outsider like me. If they can get to the bottom of this, I suspect the general public will be shocked to learn of the commonality of "greased palms" and other nefarious activities. As others have quoted, "What! Gambling at Rick's?"

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football on lookout for tough guys

Right now, I don't think we are getting tough or fast.

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Strong senior leadership a luxury for 2017-18 Kansas basketball team

The guards aren't our problem. It is the bigs. Will they be good out of the gate? No. Could they develop by the end of the year and turn a really good team into a great one? Maybe.

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KU coach Bill Self: 'It's been a dark week'

Very interesting. Would the announcement with Adidas and KU have been made after this story broke? I sort of doubt it, at least not immediately after. If it hasn't been signed, it might not get signed in this environment. This agreement, whether we are involved or not, doesn't have good optics for KU's program right now. Oh, well, I really always liked the Swoosh better anyway.

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