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HoopTube: New video technology boon to KU men's basketball

Three is the magic number:
1. Great summer/off-peak season article.
2. Jeff is about as sincere & level-headed as they come. He is one of us in fandom, however, his aptitude affords him a front row seat to the most sacred & amazing spectacle in the history of man.
3. Could HCBS remain our basketball coach if he's elected POTUS in '16?


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Rest-less rookie: Big man Landen Lucas leg-weary

Withey is already predicted a late first rounder next year. I surmise he'll go even higher than that.

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Norm Roberts to join Kansas coaching staff

It also worked out for the Mannings. I dig the satire, ATL.

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Hoops recruit Jamari Traylor to visit Kansas

Great insight, Biz---thanks for sharing. RCJH!

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Canadian big man commits to KU

Great pick-up. Seems to fit the HCBS mold perfectly. Can operate in the high/low. Can pick & roll, completing our signature backdoor lob. Is humble. Relied on his intuition and trusted in our program. Love it.
One thing--can you please translate the size of the glacial erratic into U.S. measurement? At the least say 'yard sticks' in lieu of meters...

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Escorted Jayhawks arrive to San Antonio in style

Shouldn't Pitino be preparing for his own game? Oh wait, no, they got BOUNCED their first round. Now it's on to studio analysis & men's restrooms with females not named Pitino. Stay classy.

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Escorted Jayhawks arrive to San Antonio in style

fallopian tubes

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Escorted Jayhawks arrive to San Antonio in style

To confirm, it is not wrong. The Antlers are a bunch of female reproductive organs.

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Escorted Jayhawks arrive to San Antonio in style

What about Releford? I just posted a recruiting question on the Anderson article (not realizing that Daniels doesn't bang inside). I don't see the 3 as a must, but I do like the thought of a 6-7" wing and the matchup problems that would pose. I still salavate with the thought of more size in our frontcourt. Beak 'em!

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Anderson leaving MU for Arkansas after all

With Anderson out, the recruiting door swings wide open for neighboring programs. Lately however, I'm not so sure how interested I am in McLemore. He states his first priority is playing right away, second priority is proximity to home; I can already envision a malcontent. After the talent that Releford flashed this year, I'd surmise the 3 is locked up. I also shutter when a recruit hits the '3 schools in a little over 1 year' status. What I'm really seeking is some size. Daniels is out there, as are a few other 6-7" / 6-8" bodies that we're eyeing, one of which is Otto Porter. Granted, we've got to be mindful of the 2012 class, particularly Perry Ellis. Ellis isn't necessarily a 'bruiser' and I believe his game to resemble more of the Morri (inside, outside, dribble, drive, pass, kryptonite). At this point I don't see Withey as the perfect compliment to T Rob, assuming the Morri leave for the league after this year's championship crowning. I want size in our recruits; Beef--it's whats for dinner. RCJH!

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