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New KU kicker: ‘I can do better’

Well they also can't figure out that the proper name for our beloved university is The University of Kansas, and not Kansas University.

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Amazing grace: Jeff Withey made late grandmother proud, proved to coach he belonged

Great article. Go take some name's Jeff!

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Notebook: Bill Self likes 'showcase' that ESPN's Big Monday brings

Some of the "brats" on here must have better vision than you do. Drew is terrible, and proved that tonight. He has all kinds of talent yet can't coach for the life of him. Why did he keep pounding the paint the second half when KU had 10 blocks in the first half. Baylor shot a smoking 21% from the field from the paint, yet kept trying and trying with no adjustments. KU played some of the best perimeter defense that we've seen all year, and before this game it looked a bit sketchy. A good coach would have done what Hoiberg did - get Withey out of the post and stretch the defense. Scott Drew is terrible, and that horrible game plan shows why. The reason Drew can't win against well coached teams with arguably less talent is because Drew is a bad coach that gets his talent the Calipari way. Drew is terrible... the "brats" are correct.

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How Keegan voted: Jan. 7 AP college basketball ballot

Zona and Minnesota have no business being in the top 10.

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Jeff Withey gone wild


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Self praises KU bench's improved play, confidence

I can follow what he/she says perfectly fine, but I choose not to because it's just an opinion filled block of gibberish that I don't care to read. I do like, however, your assumption that I'm some sort of uneducated 'tard because of a handle I use on the LJW. Good work...

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Self praises KU bench's improved play, confidence

I don't read him, did you miss that part?

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Self praises KU bench's improved play, confidence

I see a jaybate post and only one thing happens... I ignore it entirely. Who actually sits here and takes the time to respond to a news article with a 3 part response? And even worse... who actually wants to read those 3 part responses? Especially when they're written in broken up half sentences that do not flow whatsoever. I stopped reading jaybate responses a LOONNNGGGG time ago.

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Planet Withey: KU center moves up blocks list as Jayhawks rout Richmond

Another great thing about Jeff is that the guy has already graduated. He has absolutely nothing to focus on except basketball right now. I can't wait to see how this season unfolds for him. I'm rooting for the block record to be beaten this year, and Jeff's a guy that can do it!

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