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Tom Keegan: Kansas needs upset victory in Athens, Ohio, to restore hope

Load the box? And leave that secondary exposed like that. No way.

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Notebook: WR Steven Sims hopes to return at Ohio

What about Charlot?

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Juco teammates de-commit from KU football

You knew this was coming...added negative attention to a struggling, slowly rebuilding program is not good.

Looking at both of those guys offers why would you want to stay committed to KU? No kid wants to go to a school for a rebuilding project and I don't blame them.

Until this program starts winning games this is going to be happening every week.

The real question long and can we hold on to Devonta Jason?

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First KU football depth chart of 2017 includes unresolved battles

I'm not going to read into this more than it needs to be but you would really like to see guys take advantage of opportunities. It is a depth chart so who really knows but I would have loved to see both Charlot and Baldwin as the CLEAR cut starters. Either these guys aren't as good as we thought or the staff isn't developing or getting it out of them.

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Notebook: KU 'not' close to naming starting QB

I hope this is pure 'gamesmanship' by Meachem and Beaty so that SEMO has to scout for both QB's...but if this late in camp, heading into the season you don't have an idea on who your starting QB should be there is problems. The age of additive is...'if you have two QB's you don't have any QB's.'

I have a feeling that Bender will be the guy and that the staff isn't announcing it publicly.

Once game time arrives, IMO Bender should get all of the snaps and Carter can get his reps when Beaty has deemed it a 'blow out.' No switching between series or halves.

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Tom Keegan: James McClinton deserves banner on Memorial Stadium exterior

J-Mac! That was my guy back in the day. Played a huge role in making those LB's successful. Consistently was double teamed allowing LB's free lanes to come down field and attack gaps / ball carriers. Not only that but he was one of the strongest dudes I have ever met. Could get pressure on the QB right up the field and wrecked havoc in the back field.

My favorite J-Mac story was...after KU destroyed Nebraska that next Monday I was coming out of an afternoon class at Wescoe and I noticed someone picking up trash off of the 'Beach.' It was J-Mac. He was picking up trash and throwing it in the surrounding bins.

Class act. One of my favorite players of all time and a straight up BEAST on the field.

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North end of Memorial Stadium exterior decorated with banners of KU football greats

James McClinton...most underrated player in KU football history. Go back and watch the tape of that guy. Unstoppable.

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Take a tour of Vatican City with the Jayhawks

Matt what is the deal here....the Pope can entertain Jimmy Harbaugh but not Billy?

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Beaty provides no specifics on Gonzalez dismissal; only wishes WR well

Losing one of your top and most explosive players is tough. Other than Sims this WR group is inexperienced and would have benefited from Quiv playmaking abilities. Not to mention Coach's loyalty and love for Q.

All the more reason to respect Coach. He cut a good player and showed the rest of the team he doesn't play favorites and that NO one is above the team.

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Midweek yoga keeps KU football players fresh, focused throughout summer

Note to adidas...make that 'Savage Mindset' tshirt available to the public. I would buy multiple shirts.

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