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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

So he comes back for another year. Is he going to grow anymore? Sure he could develop but he would also be a full time student. If he wants to be a professional basketball player for the rest of his life he might as well start now. Work out, take care of your body, repeat.
Difference of opinion but I just believe his stock was never going to be higher. He gambled and lost. Now you go prove you belong.

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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

Due your research on that family. When he signed I had numerous people tell me that he would never play for KU because of his family. Particularly his mother.

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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

Take the Crimson and Blue glasses off. Malik wasn't going to get better with one more year. He was arguably the best player coming into the Final Four with the tear he was on. His stock was probably as high as it was ever going to be. I can't speak on his private workouts but it is surprising that he did not get drafted as I viewed him as the most "instant" ready NBA player with his ability to score. Swallow your pride and go show the rest of the league the mistake they made by not drafting you. It isn't about the first contract you sign it is about your second.

Billy. What a shame. This should be a lesson for young athletes about what family greed can do to your career.

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Which Kansas prospect will go first in NBA draft no easy call

My guess is Newman.

Best overall value would be Svi.

Biggest disappointment would be Billy.

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KU freshman David McCormack a 'classic big' who fits today's modern game

reminds me of a young Wayne Simien

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All three quarterbacks still have shot to win job

With three QBs we have none.

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Notebook: KU veteran receivers show progress

After last years smoke and mirrors report that this team could, dare I say (and I believed it too) win six games because of the work they did in the off-season, OTAs, spring ball, etc I 100% agree with you, Joe Ross.

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KU coach Bill Self sounds off on King James' streak

Don't forget Shaq as one of the most dominant big men of any era.

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Rock Chalk Park started as $39 million deal for KU; now it may top $100 million after KU allowed lease to be changed

After reading that article (great stuff) to my little understanding...sounds to me like the 'good ol boys' club. A whole lotta of "I will help you, if you help me" scenarios. KU Athletics, whether they are trying to do the right thing or not is sounding more and more shady with each story I read.

Is it just me or has the LJW started to find an increasing amount of stories concerning KU Athletics and finances. Seems like we get a story a day about a topic like this.

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KU's Peyton Bender projected in bottom 20 percent of FBS starting QBs

If you have three QBs that means you don't have any.

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