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Game day Breakdown: No. 8 KU basketball vs. Oklahoma

I hope Dok goes off for 23 and 10 and hits 7 of 10 FTs. Every one he hits he should stare down Kruger running down the court.

Trae has hit the wall. He found out the hard way being the 'man' in college is hard. Night in and night out you are getting not only teams best defender but an entire game plan to stopping you. Not to mention he is playing against grown MEN. I don't care what kind of success you had in high school or early on in the year. Sustaining that high level of success for a freshman is nearly impossible. Especially on a guard who isn't the biggest guy in the world.

Now that being said I feel zero remorse for him He wanted to be the 'man' and he choose OU. He could have went to any other school, with returning talent and not had to burden the load of carrying a team. His decision to make.

OU will stick around early and if KU lets them hang around it could get interesting. IF KU plays like they did against WVU they win this game going away. Get on OU early and eliminate any idea that OU has a chance to win. Last thing you want to do with a wounded team is let them believe they can hang around and then win.

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Oklahoma State spoils KU basketball's 120-year celebration

The lack of depth argument is overrated and removes the blame from a HC that refuses to use his bench, trust his players or develop his bench. He has guys on his bench but refuses to play them.

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KU coach Bill Self searching for ways to fight fatigue factor

Cut down practice time or trust your bench.

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Fueled by skepticism, KU football shocked many with Orange Bowl triumph

I've said it once before and I will say it again...James McClinton's name belongs in the Ring of Fame.

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Prep QB Tune describes KU as 'still in the picture' after Ole Miss offer, visit

He gone. Might as well come out and say you are no longer interested in KU.

Rewind to Spring ball of last year...we get a five star, three kids 'commit' in one visit, our class is ranked #1 and we are led to believe that the program could be *gasp* possibly headed to six wins....Fast Forward to 12/11/17 and the ENTIRE class is falling apart. We are losing to SEC schools which I can accept but we lose a three star D-end to KSU. Now we are forced to go after 'leftover' JUCO kids.

The folks who make the big bucks for KU better figure this out and figure this out QUICK. I don't know how they can see all that is happening and have belief that Beaty is indeed the right guy for the program.

I thought last year was going to be the dark ages of KU but I am afraid next year might be even worse. We have the potential to head into dark and in not good ways HISTORIC levels of failure.

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'Louisianimal' RB Anthony 'Pooka' Williams picking up interest from major programs

Remember when we all thought that signing Hull to a big deal was a good like it has been pointed out if he is losing the LA pipeline what good is he really to the program? That is great that he got those kids to give verbal commitments but what good is that if they don't ever sign and set foot on campus.

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More Frank Mason III could be prescription for Sacramento success

Might be time to purchase that Mason III jersey! #BIFM

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Four-star KU football recruit narrows choices down to two programs

Drop off a BIG bag of cash and pray you don't get caught.

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How a phone call played a key role in Quentin Grimes' decision to pick Kansas

We have one available and that number could change depending on who goes and stays along with if De Sousa is allowed to join the team.

Williamson, IMO will stay home. Clemson, South Carolina, or UNC. Mom wants him to stay closer to home and is a fan of Roy.

Langford is up in the air. No real, clear cut favorite here. IMO, it will be between KU and Indiana.

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