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California, here we come

We can beat them but beware of SIU anyway. SIU has a remarkable ability to take a team so far from their offense that they have no idea by the intermission what their game-flow is. This would be the perfect time for Rush/Collins/Robinson/Chalmers/Kaun/Wright/Arthur/&Jackson to all unite because SIU is tough! We just have to be tougher and we can do that.

couranna1, you have the right idea, but make it about 76-60 or so. No way SIU will score 71. Our defense is too much.

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Five Jayhawks in double figures in rout

BTW, did the K-State party bus drive over to Lawrence tonight?

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Five Jayhawks in double figures in rout

Couranna1, I agree. The bloggers here are unreasonably mean. I would like to change my logon from what it is to "hire_self" but can't (I am still a Mark Turgeon fan, even though his Shockers are having a rough time--I live west of Wichita now and go to a lot of their games).

My saner self realizes now that our Bill Self will do just fine. He may need to adjust his assistants in the off-season (did you see the pic of him sitting between Norm Roberts and Billy Gillispie during the A&M telecast?) but he's smart enough to figure it out.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

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Five Jayhawks in double figures in rout

Great game. It was good to see them go for the jugular and completely shut off the Mildcats.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

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Jayhawk recalls heartbreak

Self's fault if you believe jimjones.

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Wretched victory

Sorry, I forgot something:

To all of you who support Self, the team, etc., thank you!

I like what t-dub & notabandwagonfan have to say.

Rock Chalk J-Hawk!

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Wretched victory

The Self-bashing is a bunch of cr** and we need to find something else to bash on (too bad Quin Snyder isn't around anymore--maybe we can bash Huggins). Now, we look worse on the web than we did against Oral Bob & DePaul on the court.

It's a young team. Let them grow a little and see what they can do.

If all people want to do is be mean about things, this blog should disappear when the the J-W finishes the re-design.

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Kansas shocked by ORU, 78-71

I used to support Self but not anymore. Fire him, hire Mark Turgeon from Wichita State.

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