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Realignment will create incredibly awkward season in 2010

Nebraska brings the big 10 to 12 - just add in KU, KSU, Mizzou and Iowa State - there's your 16-team, geographically-connected conference.

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Sources confirm Nebraska headed to Big Ten

Just as long as they take that retarded mascot with them. Good riddance!

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Back in the saddle: It may be a long shot, but Teahan jumps into QB battle

Conspiracy theory > Maybe this is just a grande guise to infiltrate the football team and seek revenge for Tyshawn's dislocated finger from the brawl in the Fall. He waited until Mangino was gone b/c he does not like being poked in the chest. Now's his chance to avenge the injustice! Furthermore, he want's the attention of the girl Tyshawn was fighting about. I think I am on to something here. His motto - "Forgot Tyshawn; I'm Deion!

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Hey KSU: Embrace history

Top 10 Possible KSU/UK Championship-Oriented Headlines
(From the home office in Olathe, KS)
10. Kentucky Falls to Second Best Team in Kansas
9. Wildcats vs. Wildcats - Game Cancelled by Coaches to Cross-Recruit Each Others Teams
8. Calisleazy Refuses to Play ANY KS Team, Still Whining About 150 Point Smackdown in Early '90s
7. KSU Wins: UK Distracted by Switch-Hitter Ryan Attending Championship Game for KSU
6. KSU/UK Fan Commentary - Brackets Are Interesting In That They Branch, Unlike Our Family Trees
5. KSU Falls to Kentucky, Maintains Conviction "Ain't Nothin' Better Than Cousins"
4. Ron Prince Beaten to Death by Frank Martin Over Dispute in University Pay Practices
3. Calisleazy Masters Degree in Infractions Set to Challenge Martin's HS Diploma On Same Subject
2. KSU Wins: Judge Wally Rules Against Kentucky Cousins
1. Bewildered UK Cats Fall, Calisleazy: "When the heck did KU start wearing purple and when the hell did Sherron Collins turn Puerto Rican?!!!"

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History repeats itself in KU's loss to Northern Iowa

JayhawkSteve - what are you smoking?

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Next year, title possible

Jesse was right....

Too many shots by Collins to try to pull us out compounded by him being off that day = huge non productive use of time in a game with a time limit.

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

Sooballs - (Fill in the blanks quiz.) Your only legacy ran down the _________ of your mother's _______.

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

We played their game, did not make them play ours. Would have liked to have seen Thomas Robinson in the second half. Put in CJ - get some threes going - something. Should have pressed more. When we did press we appeared afraid to double up and trap anyone. We looked weak and scared.

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KU coach Turner Gill gives glimpse of his style: building character, with no cussing

Well, let's see how many *&^%ing Orange Bowls this get us! If we just flushed $4M good contract dollars down the toilet on a Terry Allen type so that we don't have the image (gasp) of a large, profanity-laced tirade of an accomplished football coach waltzing up and down the sideline in a custom-made sweater, can someone cuss at that?

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Fans savor victory over rival KSU

Like I said Baylor needs a rival - go tackle their mascot, throw live bears on the floor during their games. Don't leave those poor fellas out in the cold. It's cute that you want to be out "rival" - aw little Mildcat growin' up. I would say NU is your primary football rival - does that make me jealous or want for KU to be your primary football rival - no. But I would say you keep barking up the KU-is-my-main-rival tree in basketball. Well. you ain't. (To the old dudes out there - this is how you talk smack.)

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