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Perry Ellis, now a KU veteran, aims to build on freshman finish

While the article is primarily about Ellis, Withey's comment at the end is big: :"Yeah, definitely,” Withey told Zagsblog. “Coach Self’s system, it’s hard to learn right away, but if you go early and you put in the work, you’ll learn it and get good from it.”
Considering the history of OADs and other freshmen at KU under Self, it has become hard for me to get overly excited about OADs. In spite of all the hype, Henry and Selby made modest contributions during there time at KU. So this year we have Wiggins, Selden, Embiid, Frankamp and others who will face this challenge. Ben Mac had a great redshirt freshman year but how would he have done without the extra year to learn the system before he ever played in a game? While I'm really looking forward to seeing how next year's team comes together and which players make the big contribution, my expectations at this time are much higher for Perry than any of the freshmen.

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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

Agree Rush is the hands number 1. But I would have to make two swaps: Releford over Langford and Morningstar over X.

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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

Mario was a better overall player and therefore deserves to be number 1. There is more to playing the 2 than "shooting and leaping."

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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

Super Mario hands down! His shot at end of regulation in NC game erased any memories of his choking.

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Selden: Nothing painful about process of picking KU

Well said. Frankly, the criticism about him sounded pretty accurate to me. While he was a great shooter and defender, and pretty solid elsewhere, IMHO he is not ready to “Bring the ball up, control it, up-tempo, take control of the game,” in the NBA. Pretty tall order for someone with his ball-handling skills.

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Good point(s): A look at best point guards in Bill Self era

IMHO Tharpe, Hawkins and Elijah on anyone's list shows that PG has not been a Self strong suit especially when you consider that he inherited Miles from Roy. I agree that Tharpe has potential but he has not even started yet, Hawkins was also off the bench as a role player and Elijah's shortcomings as a PG are well documented above. Interesting that the only PG Self has playing in the NBA (Chalmers) did not play the position at KU.
But, recruiting and developing PGs was also one of Roy's weaknesses. The best one of his era, Vaughn, was never more than a backup in the NBA.
Like Roy, Self seems to be plagued with coming in 2nd when recruiting for PGs. That Self's only NC came when he had 2 who fully deserve to be on the above list, shows the importance of the PG position in today's college game.

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While I tend to agree with you about the futility of expecting OADs to win an NC for KU, I'm puzzled by your using Wilt as an example. In his day, freshmen were not eligible and college students could not go to the NBA until their class graduated. As a result Wilt played two years, his sophomore and junior years, and then played with the Harlem Globetrotters one year before going to the NBA. And yes, I know because I was there.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

I am not a fan of OADs based on our experience with Henry and Selby whose contributions were modest. And they robbed minutes from other players who might have made bigger contributions over their careers. I also resent the NBA not allowing high school grads to go directly to the NBA for their own selfish reasons thus creating this unfortunate situation for college teams. McLemore had to stay an extra year and was able to contribute probably as a result of an extra year of practice with the team and system. I will not go into the current controversy surrounding Ben other than to say this sort of thing has a higher risk with OADs. So, my first choice is that Wiggins goes to FSU. KU has a very good recruiting class to go with the returning players and one very likely OAD is enough. However, if he does not go to FSU I prefer he choose KU over UK and UNC for obvious reasons. And I do think it would be a mistake for Wiggins to go to UK thus giving them the top rated recruit in all 5 positions. How can that be a smart thing to do so far as showcasing his talents to the NBA . I am glad he is not doing the cap press conference thing because I do not think his decision about where he plays one year of ball is that big of a deal.

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NBA scout: Ben McLemore top-2 pick

Pierce played 3 years at KU, plenty of time to show more than just potential. And he has been the most successful KU player in the pros in a long time, maybe moreso than Manning due to Danny's injuries. I agree to some degree with Brock that the NBA has fleeced college ball with the OAD rule. I also think they have needlessly thrown a lot of money at players who never earned it. Wright comes to mind, and Selby looks like he will follow. But, I really do not have much doubt that Ben will do well in the NBA, but probably not until he develops better ball-handling skills and improves his D. Sure I would prefer he did that at KU by staying another year or two but that is not how the system works today. Good luck Ben. It has fun watching you this year.

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Jeff Withey relishes camp, block

Maybe, but the Big O was fortunate to be on a team with Malone, Stockton, and others with plenty of scoring. They just needed a big guy at center to take up space, rebound and play D against other team's big men. He was a starter most of his career, not a role player, resulting in some very juicy contracts.

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