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Texas Tech coach Chris Walker: KU rout of TTU 'open season'

Per Wiki, starting this season we were 20 wins down to KY for all time wins, KY had 2,090, KU 2,070, and NC 2,065.

KU is 26-4 and KY 20-9 this season, so we have made up 6 games, so KU is down 14 games all-time...and closing fast!!!

A good conference tourney and NCAA tourney could put KU real close, cause KY ain't going no where...

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

Bottom line, KU wins....Strange game of momentum shifts, KU wins when I actually thought OSU had the momentum.

Sorry, but I thought that was a LOT of bad offense and not good D a lot of the time. Can we trade our PG roster plus a few others for Marcus Smart, I fantasize if Self would have landed Marcus Smart. We win in spite of our PGs.

I'm not going to give NT a lot of credit for the win, because any of his missed 6 3-pointers (0 for 6) could have also won it! NT with 4 TOs and 3 assists and getting outplayed by his OSU guard counterparts is not worthy of celebration, sometimes better to be lucky than good.

What the heck was going on with BMac, he was afraid of the ball, spent most of his time as the player farthest from the bucket in crunch time. Smart....injured, bad shooting night, actually wanted the ball and was the far better player last night. Well, his getting racked up near the end would have hampered any post-game flips!!

Good news, KU showed it can win without BMac, but I don't think it will many times. Did EJ finally get it, he did not shoot a 3-pointer and got to the bucket...what I like to see (although NT made up by shooting too many bad 3s). NT still dribbles/hogs the ball and it almost cost KU. KU's offense apparently can't be fixed, but Withey and Releford pulled them through.

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Naadir Tharpe makes most of second chance in KU's comeback win over Texas

Again, I will raise the horrid guard play of EJ and NT for most of the game. EJ takes 11 shots, 1 more shot than Mac, and makes 1 shot, and only 2 assists in 34 minutes. Worst consistently bad point guard play in over 20 years for a KU team. If EJ isn't making shots, which he seldom does, then he needs to focus on his assists, defense, and bringing some leadership, EJ is just not a very smart point guard.

I know most probably did not notice this, but go back and watch the game again. At least 6 of EJ's shot attempts were driving lay-ups to the LEFT side of the basket, and he NEVER uses his LEFT hand, he has NO left hand...unlike TT who could score driving lay-ups with his left or right hand, that is a HUGE difference. EJ turns his body around in the air and tries to shoot a floating jump shot from the left side, a very difficult shot that missed badly most times this game. I don't know why Self does not put a stop to that nonsense, its not working, can't believe a starting point guard for a major college team has no Left hand....And one more point. EJ consistently picks up his dribble in the open court and waits for players to come to him, and then throws a bad pass. That is grade school basic basketball not to pick up your dribble as a guard, and he just doesn't get it.

Unfortunately, its getting late in the season and there are no other alternatives for EJ and NT, so lets hope that something starts clicking for EJ like it did late last season.

Yes, KU will win the Big 12 with this bad guard play, but it will be exposed in the NCAA tourney at some stage if improvements don't come around.

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Flat in Lubbock: KU overcomes energy woes in 60-46 win over Texas Tech

TenD, I agree, KU's point guard play is horrible with EJ and NT. You have to go back before the 1988 championship team to find worse starting/back-up point guards for KU, I thought EJ would turn it up after playing well the end of last season.

He teases with flashes, such as two driving key lay-ups near the end of the Iowa St. game, but then disappears as quickly. He settles for the 3, which he shouldn't even be shooting, and has even taken the same or near as many shots as McLemore in some games. He constantly throws the lazy pass that gets stolen and in many games his D is just average.

I would not mind if he scored 5 points a game, if he would just eliminate turnovers, get some assists, play much better defense, and RUN the team with efficiency and energy. Its hard to think of a top 30 point guard in the nation that brings less energy to the game. KU will make it through the weak Big 12 schedule just fine with EJ, but unless something changes I think that will be KU's downfall in the NCAA tourney.

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Final goodbye: West Virginia 'gross mismatch' for KU in seniors' last game

KU laid down the last 2 games and so did Charlie....ugh! I understand they are playing with one hand tied behind their back having to run the ball every down. But Weis' play calling is so predictable, he is NOT an offensive genius or wizard, PLEASE stop using that word. He always threatened to open it up the last 3 or 4 games of the year, but never did.

And hard to believe KU does not have a QB that can pass a ball accurately for 5 to 10 yards, Weis does not even trust Cummings or Crist to throw a screen, shovel pass, or flare pass to the wide receiver. Just pathetic.

Most high schools have QBs that can do that, and how does a QB like Cummings spend a year in the system and nobody figures out he can't throw a 10 yard pass...oh yea, he practices against the KU secondary, sorry! Ditto for Crist.

I sure hope all of Weis huffing and puffing about how great Crist was going to be does not carry over to the Jake Heaps "Mormon Cannon"....What are we to believe after Crist?

I never thought KU would win 5 to 6 games like a lot of KU fans, I thought maybe 2 to 3 would be the maximum. I just thought they would get better instead of worse as the season concluded!

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Opinion: It's time for Charlie Weis to move on from Dayne Crist

If this damn pro style offense is so difficult to learn, that it takes a 5th senior (who apparently knows it, but still can't execute it) to run it, then get rid of the pro-style offense and run something that Cummings or Baty can run. And besides, what is so difficult about handling the ball to Sims every time with this offense??

Don't you try and fit the system to the personnel, and not vice versa?

CW wants sooooo bad for Crist to emerge so he can tell fans "I told you so", CW is stubborn and I think part of his sticking with Crist is because he is trying to send a message to the fan base that they won't dictate the personnel he uses or his coaching.

This is just bad football. I believe KU has improved, but we just don't have the horses.

And I'm still not convinced that KU can be successful with CW as both head coach and offensive coordinator. I see other teams huddle their offenses up when the defense is on the field, and KU does not do this. It can't, CW has to patrol the sidelines as head coach. Ron Powlus can talk to the QBs as the QB coach, but there is no assistant off. coordinator.

This is just a very dysfunctional team, and whereas the TG experiment was horrible, the Charlie Weis experiment also has its own flaws.

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Turning the tide: Michael Cummings-led rally falls short as KU falls to OSU

First the very positive, the defense was outstanding, young Jake Love from Tonkawa, Okla. played great except for one decisive tackle, but 2 other Jayhawks stood nearby and failed to gang tackle on Moore so its not all Jake's fault. I think a number of younger players got more time, including Mundine, the tight end. And they showed they were ready.

I was one of the few that stayed to the end of the game, and my only reason was hopefully to see Cummings play, and see him play well enough to earn the starting spot. He wasn't great, but he definitely earned the starting spot: 1) when he came in, it seemed like the whole team got fired up, I think the team actually felt for the first time they might have a chance to win with this QB; 2) he is a scrambler gunslinger, and can definitely pass on the run, like Reesing - - Crist CANNOT pass running right or left. I only wish Cummings would have been brought in at half-time to give KU a better shot, sort of like that Reesing kid was brought in after half-time of the Colorado game years ago.....the rest is history.

I'm still not impressed with Weis on offense, Campo and the improvement of his defense have shown Weiss up, especially when offense was supposed to be better than defense this year with Crist. Please don't use "genius" when describing Weis any more! I am not convinced that Weis can be both head coach and offensive play caller, that is very tough duty. And with KU being so young someone needs to be talking to the offense when they are on the sidelines. I am sure Powlus the QB coach talks to the QB's, but KU does not even have an Asst. Offensive Coordinator....hmmm! In fact, that makes Cummings debut so much more impressive because he does not get a lot of coaching on the sidelines during the game, he essentially gets thrown in to the fire.

I too agree that Weis made some boneheaded play calling. All this week the newspapers and Weis were talking about opening the offense with some trick plays and unique schemes, and KU did not run one trick play. The red zone play calling was awful and predictable, normally most coaches save a few special tricks, misdirection, or something unique....not KU. I don't think KU ran one misdirection play the entire game, no reverses, no cutback against the grain by running plays, and no throwing back across the field.

After the 1 hour rain delay, OSU made half-time like changes and were stopping Sims, and like last week after half-time in K-State game, Weis came out seeming more determined to run the ball. Guess you can argue the rain did that, but OSU was airing it out. How many times did I see KU run the same play with Sims up the middle. And eventually he did break one, but maybe he would have broke 2 or 3 with some creative play calling.

I only hope these young kids continue getting playing time, they are ready!

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Same ol', same ol': Wildcats continue domination over KU with 56-16 romp

Where to start, there is room in the woodshed for all KU coaches and players! This beat down was worse than with TG coaching, I saw KU players give up and coaches give up. And no the first half was not something to salvage from this game, its always been how you "finish" and not how you "start". First, Weis supremely outcoached, Snyder adjusted at halftime and Charlie did not, just like the TG days. In fact, Weis' plan to just hand if off to Sims nearly every down in the 2nd half meant 2 things, 1) Either Weis conceded the game; or 2) he has so little confidence in Crist to pass the ball, he just went completely vanilla...which also means he conceded the game. That was no offensive "genius" I saw coaching the 2nd half, as Weis is referenced. I understand Pierson was hurt, but why couldn't KU run the flare passes and screens to Beshears or Patterson? And I also understand if Snyder took away that option, but Snyder can't shut down both the run and that flare pass because K-State stacked the line the 2nd half and dared KU to throw, and thus shut down KU's running game...although I guess Charlie never figured that out and he tried to keep running any way. This defensive effort was worse than the TG days, I have never seen a team score in so few plays! I do credit TG for telling Oporum last year to tackle Klein every time, even if he doesn't have the ball. I saw times that KU players stood and never attempted to tackle either Klein or the running back in this game. KSU is not exactly an offensive machine, so I worry what teams like WV will do to us. And that possible win against Iowa State, thats out the door with their win over TCU yesterday..Season over....

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

OK, I think we all agree that KU is a much better team than it was the last 2 years, and Weis/Campo are to be credited for that...but its time to take the next step.

Given Weis' unwillingness to change QBs, maybe he is repeating his mistakes at ND - - big ego, inflexible, plays favorites with "his" recruited players.

A number of concern:

1) KU runs the "Jayhawk" offense with Matthews mostly responsible for marching them down the field, then Weis inserts Crist in the red zone and he eventually misses Pick on the wide open pass in the end zone. Why not give Mathews and the Jayhawk offensive scheme a chance in the red zone?

2) Its 1/3 into the season, the excuse that Crist is still rusty is not valid. Cris is who is, a very limited almost zero dimensional QB because he can't run or throw, or make good decisions, especially for a 5th year senior. KU had 3rd and a mile to go for a 1st down in the last possession in the game and he tries to throw a 6 yard sideline pass!!

3) I'm not buying the Weis argument that Crist is significantly superior to the 2nd string QB, so that is why he sticks with Crist. First, if these QBs are that bad, what are they doing on KU's roster. Second, I think Weis is afraid that one of these other back-up QBs will look better than Crist, and that will cause everyone to question Weis' judgement.

4) My main last concern. Did the defense finally wear out from being on the field too much in the 4th quarter, or did they just get frustrated with no help from Crist/Weis on the offensive side. At some point, I truly believe that players start to feel there is some favoritism shown to Crist that is not shown to other players, he is Weis' boy, he gets more do-overs and is allowed more excuses for failure. When another player is yanked for missing a tackle, and Crist remains in the line-up losing games, I think it begins to wear on team morale. At what point do you lose the remainder of this team or do they begin to feel that Weis' plays favorites with all of his former ND guys despite their obvious shortcomings?

5) Bill Snyder must be salivating to get a shot at KU in 2 weeks, it won't be close to a fair fight if the status quo continues.

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Positive takeaway: Jayhawks fall to TCU, but Weis says they're 'turning corner'

Quit piling on Crist, after all he is the 114th rated QB in the nation (ESPN only shows 118 QB ratings).

Although some day Crist might be as good as KU's starting QB last year, Jordan Webb now with Colorado, who is rated 101st.

Jordan Lynch, NIU's QB, KU's next stop, is rated 89th.

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