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'Painful' early-morning conditioning work introduced Jayhawks to Les Miles' standards

Looks like MacVittie has been named team leader and starting QB like the last staff did without proving it on the field.

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Les Miles: Penalties upsetting for coaches, players at spring practice

watching the vids of the QBs throwing it looks like Kendrick needs a new position

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Les Miles: No timetable for RB Pooka Williams' possible return

so most of you say no second chance for Pooka but Chiefs Hunt gets second chance with the Browns, for millions of dollars...and after the vid and his lying about it surfaced...send Pooka to speak at battered women groups, let him learn that way.

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Jayhawks say 'it's all coming together' for Kansas basketball

funny everyone jumps on Vic not being here as the reason we are winning. And all the current players understand their roles that we have great ball movement inside/out....but Garrett's hasn't been suited up during this time either. Great kid and plays great D but is a dead spot on offence...I'll take KJ over him

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Game day breakdown: Kansas basketball at TCU

sucks to have to count on Grimes but who else is there? Lightfoot needs 25 min a game from now on.

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Game day breakdown: Kansas basketball at TCU

Grimes is the key to everything...he cant score 5 points with 3 boards...he has to produce on both ends

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4-star prep DE Steven Parker commits to KU football

if we run out of scholarships there should be no reason not to add a couple blue shirts if the kids are top quality players

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Former KU golfer Gary Woodland makes a big splash at Phoenix Open without even picking up a club

Ku fans should be proud of this...what a great thing for the PGA and Gary Woodland...not sure I could hang with Amy on the golf

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Kansas coach Bill Self puts onus on him to help Jayhawks' struggling offense

sorry but Garrett has to come off the bench.....he isn't a threat from 3 and last 2 games he struggled with length going to the hoop....that's why Lawson is getting double teamed so easily.

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Benton Smith: Rare Ochai Agbaji turnovers kept freshman on bench at WVU

Agbaji moves his feet better than any player at Ku in a Very long time

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