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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

I was at the game. Along with the drops I have to say I was disappointed with the interception down the sideline that was intended for McKay. He didn't have a chance for that ball and should at least made an effort to knock it down even at the risk of a penalty. Although not the most mobile of QB's, Heaps throws a nice ball when given a little time. For the most part he seemed to have decent time. There's no excuse for the balls that were dropped. Two of those drops were right between the numbers.

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Payback time? Revenge on Jayhawks’ minds

I'm making the trek over from San Antonio hoping to see a nice contingency of Texas Jayhawk fans. This team played tougher teams on the road last year with less talent. The Texas Tech game could have gone either way. If the Hawks execute the fundamentals and eliminate the mental errors, this should be a W.

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Previewing KU football's Week 1 match-up vs. South Dakota (Spodcasters)

For the Jayhawks to realize success this year it begins with both lines of scrimmage. If we can't apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks it won't matter how many touchdowns we score. If Heaps goes without adequate protection........well we know that scenario.

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Jayhawks eager to open football camp

Good suggestions by all. I like the idea of incorporating as much limestone as possible. I heard an interesting suggestion from a recent grad saying that facade used at the Bejing olympics, The Bird's Nest, might look pretty cool but I still lean more towards the traditional.

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Opinion: New Jayhawk Sendish inspired by highlights of 'Kansas Comet'

I completely agree. There wasn't a game where every opposing quarterback had all the time in the world to wait for his receivers to uncover. We definitely need the secondary to step up though and allow the D-Line a little time to cause some havoc.

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Notebook: Jeff Withey says morale 'pretty low'

There was a time when the Hawks would go on 8 - 10 point runs before the opposition would call timeouts. Now it's happening after we put two baskets together. I guess that's considered a run with this offense.

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

My son a graduate of the industrial design department had a cool suggestion. Whenever the improvements to memorial stadium come into the discussion, why not design the exterior like the Bejing bird nest stadium. Additionally, a large menacing Jayhawk atop the seats in the east end of the stadium would be fun. Possibly add in some sound effects when KU scores.

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

Matt, I'm an old Missouri State grad and adopted KU fan living in San Antonio. My son graduated from KU several years ago and my daughter loved the school so much she's currently in her junior year there. My point here is that I'm heavily invested in KU and would like to give my .05 cents of opinion.
If the new facilities for soccer are the first step in attaining renovations for memorial stadium, run to this deal don't walk.
By the way, my son being an industrial design graduate had a cool suggestion for the stadium. Along with added suites how about an exterior elevation resembling the Bejing bird nest stadium with a huge menacing Jayhawk at the east end of the stadium.

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