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Opinion: Goodbye, Ben McLemore; hello, Andrew Wiggins?

What you forget is Selby was a true one and done...McLemore practiced last year...he's technically a second year player. He is more mature than either Selby or X. This kid will be fine. He is much more talented than Selby.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

This is because you only look at the stat line there is far more to the PG position than stats. The PG is the floor leader...communicating with his team...encouraging his guys. He "sets the tempo" for the game. In the first 4 minutes of the game EJ pushed the tempo...he set Travis up for a three that gave us a 3 point lead...then after KSU tied he drove it hard to the hoop for an and 1. Step to the line and made the FT. That's starting the car...that's getting things rolling...that's the tempo and game mindset that Tharpe entered into. EJ's second foul was another leadership type foul..a "no easy baskets" foul.

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Hot-shooting McLemore edges out Withey, Tharpe for top spot

I agree that we are a better team with Tharpe on the floor...but I think Tharpe's play can be attributed to not having the pressure of a starting point guard. Self probably knows the team is better with Tharpe on the court running the point and EJ at the 2...but knows that his senior EJ can take the pressure the complaining and the negativity from fans and media that comes with being a starting point guard at KU. When you're the starting point guard at Kansas you are under a microscope and can't do anything right...anyone remember the talk about TT last year? If Tharpe is the starting PG he gets all of that and probably wouldn't be the same player either. Right now he gets to play the Hero/Spark coming off the bench and honestly that's the perfect role for him right now. We're 20-4 better record than last year...and are still in 1st place in the league. EJ started the game right last night set the tone driving to the bucket for an and 1. He'll find his shot and I expect him to have a big game against Texas. Anyone remember how often he got to the rim in Austin? I expect those layups to fall in the Phog!!!

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Tyshawn Taylor on Twitter criticism from fans: ' ... I'm going to leave it alone'

Here's what I don't understand...why would any KU fan do anything to help a player lose focus or look bad in the public eye? Knowing what we know about TT from past experience why would you as a fan tweet him negative things especially after he had a positive game. Why not encourage our PG and team?

I also get frustrated with the way some "fans" only focus on the negative aspects of players. No one mentions the assists Ty is dishing out or the fact that his ability to drive was a HUGE part of our win over KSU. Martin even said it in his post game Taylor got to the lane anytime he wanted to. That was part of the game plan "drive pressure" and yes he had 8 TOs but part of that is the way he was aggressive and drove and KSU has a very aggressive defense and is good with their hands and some were mental lapses on TT's part which he himself has admitted to.

TT played a very solid game against OU 6 dimes and 2 TO's one on a miscommunication. He's acknowledged where he has fallen short and is working on reducing his TO's. I think it's time ALL KU fans get behind our senior leader.

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Tyshawn Taylor on Twitter criticism from fans: ' ... I'm going to leave it alone'

You're right 44% from 3 is just horrid outside shooting I'm sure you could do better against the defenses that Tyshawn faces.

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Travis Releford, Thomas Robinson 1-2 in rankings

I actually liked seeing EJ get on a teammate about a stupid foul...I like the attitude that that's not how we play here. The problem for me is when KY didn't want to take the criticism and barked back. Travis did what needed to be done in the situation. What EJ did is not unheard of in fact mulitple times in the KSU game you can see TRob getting on guys for being out of position, or TT yelling at guys and pointing to where they're suppose to be. This is a sign of a team that has a swagger and standard of play.

I'd agree with you if EJ were barking about not getting his touches but this to me is good barking.

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Jeff Withey heeds ‘dunk everything’ advice

I really feel like our guys are coming into their roles and HCBS is starting to see those roles more clearly.

1) T-Rob = The Beast, Trobasaurus Team's Leader
2) Travis = The Scrapper, Blue Collar Man getting loose balls, rebounding, playin' D
3) Withy = The Enforcer, Rejector Holding down the paint, blocking shots, rebounding
4) EJ = "The calming influence" settles the team down, takes care of the ball
5) TT = The Aggressor taking it to the paint, getting fouled, playin' D will make some mistakes with the ball but if Self's glad we got him so am I.
6) Teahan - Rival Killer hitting the big shots in the rivalry games when we need them...kind of like Reed.

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Elijah Johnson's offense, defense lead charge against USC

IMO TRob's struggles may be more emotional than anything. It's the holiday season and after losing his grandparents and mom last year this can't be a happy time for him. We have to remember he's still a 20 something kid who has a lot to deal with. We are also approaching the 1 year mark since he lost those he loved. How hard must it be for him with everyone talking about going to be home with family and mom's cooking?

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Do you know anything about coaching? You want your players to come out ready to play and that means they have to think any team they play can beat them and are "their equal".

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Lack of depth costs Kansas carrot, stick

really....the Twins were in Tyshawn's class and they are in the NBA nobody saw that coming their freshman year. They are clearly the most improved. This team is a product of losing both out bigs last year...and we got a late jump on recruiting because honestly no one expect Kieff to be as good as he was last year.

EJ is better than you think keep watching.

With semester break upon us I expect us to improve dramatically. We played a bad game it's not the end of the season and honestly I'd rather play it now instead of March.

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