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Realignment Today: How nothing and something can be happening at the same time

No doubt Johnson County is growing at a decent clip, but it's still slow growth relative to larger markets. Austin, TX adds 5 times as many people as the entire KC metro every year, for example, and that's a smaller market than KC. KC is a nice market that is growing; we just need to figure out how to ramp up our growth rate. We need to find our next Fortune 500 company because that could make a huge difference in the growth rate because not only do you get the jobs that would add, but all the ancillary companies that want to be close by.

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Realignment Today: How nothing and something can be happening at the same time

Yeah, but the Big 12 TV deal is fresh. Big Ten is about to get a gargantuan payday ($30 mil for tier I alone is the rumor). And now that the Big 10 has a lot of the startup costs of the BTN out of the way, that thing will literally just print money especially with the addition of Rutgers and Maryland, which get you into huge TV markets.

So while the Big 12 is pretty much capped out on what we can earn, the Big Ten is about to get major financial separation again, which is part of what led to the instability in the Big 12 in the first place.

The problem with the Big 12 is you don't have 10 like minded universities focused on the same goal. You have 3 flagships, 1 flagship with weak academics, 4 ag schools, and 2 private/religious schools. Only 3 AAU institutions in the league and only about 1/3 of the population of the other power leagues. If KU has the opportunity to get out of this league, we need to get the heck out even if we have to take less money to do so. The Big 12 is living on borrowed time. This league has a 10-15 year life horizon rather than 100 yr.+ life horizons of the other 3 power leagues.

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

I don't think the current facility is a waste of money. They can use it for practice if want. But who knows, maybe they have another use for the old soccer and softball field? I'm guessing practice, but maybe they have something else in mind. I don't think student attendance will be impacted that much. How many actually go? I can tell you I went to a grand total of 0 during my 4 years, but a 10 minute car ride isn't much of a deterrent.

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Opinion: TV rights agreement ensures Big 12's long-term stability

You haven't been following this much but not a lot do. This is incredibly simple: other leagues either have a conference network or will have one shortly (SEC). So you can add a school with a big population and it makes sense based on the increased cable revenue. The Big 12 makes money by having compelling tier 1/2 to sell. At some point an addition doesn't move the needle enough to generate enough new revenue to where the Big 12 don't have to take a pay cut. That's why Rutgers works to the Big 10 but would never work to the Big 12. The Big 12 population footprint is also about 1/3 of the other power leagues.

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Opinion: TV rights agreement ensures Big 12's long-term stability

Matt, good article subject. I would have liked to have seen an opinion from an attorney in the article because it seems like all contract disputes end up being resolved in court one way or another. If this were 100% true on the GoR, KU wouldn't waste their time talking with the Big 10. There's something we don't know here. Either we don't believe the GoR is bullet proof or we can see enough teams leaving the league were it would dissolve. Something isn't adding up.

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Realignment Today: Is Florida State still in play for potential Big 12 expansion?

I've seen some opinions with a Grant of Rights that if a school left, their penalty would be relative to the school they were replaced with. So let's say KU went to the Big 10 and the Big 12 replaces KU with Florida State. There would be little financial harm to the Big 12 (if any) and KU might not face much of a exit fee. I know the Grant of Rights says otherwise, but you have to look at how it's likely to be ruled upon in court.

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KU athletic director interested to see what new Big 12 university is doing

I would love to see beer sales at KU. I don't think our stadium is currently designed to handle it so probably not a great idea in the current configuration, but if they could redo the seating with seat backs and seat holders, I think it makes a ton of sense. The biggest issue right now with doing it is the seating is way too cramped and too many beers would get spilled causing problems and conflicts. But if KU can get a major stadium redo done, they should look at it doing it in certain sections of seats.

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

It sucks that we're going to be at a significant QB disadvantage in 11 of our 12 games. I don't think there were many that expected that. It's really hard to win when our QB play is so bad. If KU has Jordan Lynch at QB, KU wins this one in a blowout. It sucks when you have midmajors that run circles around us at the QB position. Crist just doesn't have the mental makeup of a winner. I like him as a person, but I've never seen someone panic so much when a guy is wide open. Learn to take a little off the throw and just complete it like Klein does. You don't see Klein throwing rockets on every single pass. Crist is making the game harder than it is.

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Weis hiring seen as a bit risky by analyst

Weis being called a risky hire is one of the dumbest things I've read. Weis is the exact opposite of risky. Risky is going out and hiring an unknown like Turner Gill and that one blew up in our face. There's no question Weis is one of the smartest offensive minds in the country and has immediately brought in the best talent at QB that we've ever had with Crist, Heaps, etc. Risky hires don't do that at KU.

The key for Weis to be successful at KU is Campo developing a defense that can get some stops. If Campo can do that, KU and Weis will win and if the defense is good, we'll win a lot. You know the offense is going to be good. The defense is the question mark.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

I'm really excited to see Weis take some initiative and try to start some new traditions. KU Football needs them. Here's to hoping that he'll have many more new ideas!

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