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Catch him if you can: Despite challengers, Sims still KU's No. 1 RB

K-State grad keeps count on the comments.

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Withey signs with Pelicans

Technically it's completely full. Half with water and half with air.

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Withey signs with Pelicans

I am just about done coming to this site. It is rediculous to have to answer ad questions just to read an article.

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Report: Portland trades rookie Jeff Withey to New Orleans

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NCAA fines, reprimands KU coach Bill Self for damaging scorers table in NCAA Tourney

I'm sure they waited so it wouldn't affect recruiting. Seriously...let him go? I am really hoping that's sarcasm.

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Opinion: Jayhawks old, new entertain in games

Okay, it's 8:20 in the morning. I can't wait to come back her this afternoon and see how many posts there are. Talk about board fodder!

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

A good kid with a big heart, great attitude, an awesome teammate, most humble and one of the most infectious smiles to grace the Fieldhouse. It's been a pleasure. I truely wish the decision to stay or leave was yours and yours alone. Good luck in the future young man. No matter what, we all wish you the best. P.S. I want to see those dance moves at some point next season on an NBA court!

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

And no one would really hear it because they would be looking up the first twelve words he said in their dictionaries!

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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

I always wanted a tat, but I knew it would be for life. I thought and thought, finally at 47 years old I finally got one ( no one can see it unless I'm at the lake). I can live with this one.

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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

I'm not to berry gud at cypherin, but I think that's more dan two!

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