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Wiggins' double-double vs. Florida locks up top spot

Where is Tharpe on the season standings?

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Past and present Jayhawk athletes set to graduate Sunday

Why was Christian Moody left off this list? He's going to be a doctor, for crying out loud. How many of our athletes have accomplished that? What disrespect! Journalist FAIL.

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Street shot put a ‘good-old time’

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Bill Self gives updates on guards' injuries heading into Big 12 tournament

If there were a "like" button, I'd like this. Twice.

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What does cluster in Big 12 standings say about league? A look ahead to KU-Nebraska

"The rest of the conference, however, is a bigger mess than the women who don't receive a rose in the final 10 minutes of The Bachelor."

Are you taking lessons from Tom Keegan on how to create HORRIBLE analogies? It's like nails on a chalkboard . . .

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How Keegan voted: Jan. 17, 2011 college basketball poll

looking like a good call so far, baldwin . . .

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

It only ticks people off because you call him chenoWhithey. I think we all agree that he has a ways to go, but the chenoWithey crap is below the belt and is getting really old. Withey is a quality kid. He deserves to be treated as such and needs not be compared to that arrogant jerk.

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How good is KU basketball? Good question

Keegan's run-on sentences can be quite painful too. They usually happen when he makes an attempt at an anology.

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How good is KU basketball? Good question

Keegan once emailed me back . . . he's interested in others' opinions, having debates, and interacting with readers. He's not such a bad guy . . . just wrong a lot.

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How good is KU basketball? Good question

The fight song is a freaking scale. It's not even rhythmically interesting. I'm not sure what's so great about it . . .

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