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Tourney thrilling in Vegas

Cool Stuff. I can't wait to go to Vegas for an NCAA tournament. There is nothing better in Vegas as a sports fan then using your knowledge of sports to make some cash, good luck the rest of the way.

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Top five KU football plays from the 2008 season

jnewell - If I had to bump one off it would be that Briscoe catch and run. Although it is an amazing play and definitely one of the top 10 plays of the year, I think the inferiority of the competition takes away form it. The Stuckey play on Mizzou was a game/season saver. There is no waaaay you can take the Reesing play against Nebraska off, I've never yelled so loud in my life watching one single play.

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Jesse Newell's top play No. 4

Just hearing the Nebraska crowd's reaction is enough for me to smile. What an amazing play.

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Mangino: Loss of Talib is No. 1 problem

I've been saying this all season. I wish people would understand how good NFL players are in comparison to others in college football. It's rediculous to say that you don't see how it would mean much to lose 2 players. Well when you have 2 players, one anchors the line, and the other anchors the secondary, and then you lose that, of course there are going to be issues. I didn't think the issues would be this bad, but watching this team play, it's obvious how important those 2 guys were. Quit already with the fire Clint Bowen talk. I mean he hasn't even goten a chance yet. Bill Young had some pretty crappy defenses too at times. We just need to get the right players in here and the rest will follow.

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Mangino: Reesing's struggles no concern

JBurtin, laying down beautifully!

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Mangino: Reesing's struggles no concern

I don't understand how some of you can really claim that Bowen needs to be gone after 1 season. Why does everyone keep saying that there are 9 returning starters?I wish I could find a list of the starters from the Nebraska game but I'm pretty sure it was Justin Thornton, Daymond Patterson, Stuckey, and Strozier instead of a secondary of Aqib Talib, Kendrick Harper, Chris Harris,Stuckey, and who was the other Safety last year, Resby?Well that secondary is totally different, the D-line wasn't even good last year! The D-line lost it's best player (McClinton) and so why would it be any better?I've said this before and I'll keep saying it....NFL Players DON'T GROW ON TREES. Aqib Talib was more valuable than any player on that defense last year and he shut down an entire side of the field. Because of this, it made everyone better and it made our defense much better.The other issue is that we didn't play but a few prolific offenses last season so our defense didn't get an opportunity to be exposed. Bill Young's defense 2 years ago was just as horendous when they went 6-6 and got lit up by Baylor! Quit whining about Bowen and realize taht we just aren't as good this season, Mangino and staff will get it figured out, though!

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Firing of KSU's Prince, KU's Allen comparable

Comparable in how they were fired, but nowhere else. Prince is near .500 record at K-State and has 2 very big wins against Texas....still think this firing was premature but will definitely not lose any sleep over it. Sorry kitties.

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Brotherly love

Wow, a gamer who has never heard of GoldenEye? I didn't think that was possible unless you are under 15 years of age or something. That definitely paved the way for 1st person shooters and great multiplayer games. Me and some friends actually shook some dust off of the game a few weeks ago and went at it...I too never liked the golden gun.Good article, definitely speaks to the childhood of many of us and shows into what it's like to have competing brothers.

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Cornhuskers practicing selective amnesia

So we will not play a game after noon against a good team? Unbelievable.

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Kansas defensive backfield settled

So Harris moved to the nickel back? That is pretty crazy, considering the season he has last year. I hope we don't have another Anthony Webb on our hands. Anyone know any details? Is he just not cutting it?

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