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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Great news, indeed, madcow. I'm especially encouraged by the father's comments about not being a fan of "one-and-done."

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

"He said KU coach Bill Self explained that, if he chose KU, he’d be ticketed to take over for one-and-done sensation Andrew Wiggins on the wing next season."

I'm hoping that Oubre isn't under a mistaken impression that the wing position is his if he chooses KU. Everything we know about how Coach Self operates would preclude any kind of guarantee of a starting position. A possible miscommunication, perhaps?

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Riggle, wiggles highlight ‘Night

This is one reason why I would not want anyone else on the planet to be coaching KU basketball:

“I think patience is important when coaching a young team,” added Self. “We can also make excuses for guys and say they are young. A lot of times with a young team you show less patience ... that way the tone is set on how you want them to be. I’ve probably done them a disservice being too patient with them. This is where it gets tricky. As a coach you see where they can be potentially. Sometimes you get impatient. You forget the process takes time. With young kids, it takes time. I have to be patient in many regards but not tolerate not trying.”

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Box score breakdown: Don't blame KU's defense for Texas Tech's 54-point outburst

jjjjj, though I wouldn't go nearly as far as you in your overall assessment, I am concerned about the play of our offensive line. If it doesn't improve significantly, you may be correct in your prediction of no wins the rest of the year. (I hope you're wrong, by the way)!

The good news is the greatly improved play of our defense. Definitely encouraging.

Jesse, this was such a helpful and perceptive analysis. Really excellent. Thank you!

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Precisely. Well said, texashawk10. As bad as it was, it could have been worse if injuries had resulted.

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Kansas football aims to score more

C'mon guys, you have to admit the title of the article is a case of truly stating the obvious. I didn't take HawkOverseas' comment as overly sarcastic. I thought it was a funny title, too. And certainly a good plan going forward. Go Hawks!

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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

It appears more and more that Mr. Wiggins is no Prima Donna. How refreshing to see a kid so grounded in a world filled with such ridiculous hype.

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

Zenger continues to impress. What a great hire he was!

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Opinion: Talent limiting football offense

And it can freshen your breath and help clean your teeth after eating a meal. It also provides a burst of sweetness in your mouth. Mmmm, chewing gum... I think I'll have a piece right now.

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Former Jayhawk DT Marquel Combs finds new home

Sometimes, things just don't work out as planned. I wish Marquel the best at SE Louisiana. And thanks to his initial enthusiasm and influence, we have some good players still on our roster.

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