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Fans chirping over what could be last KU-Mizzou basketball game in Columbia

Agree with a lot of what you say, but your kidding yourself if you don't see the importance of having a nationally recognized rivalry. If MU continues to improve, then having 2 top 10 games helps on a number of fronts. Look at this weekend's game; the game is the ESPN game of the day so for an entire day KU will be talked about and talked up. That is a hell of a recruiting tool. Do we get this coverage if we play OSU or OU or UT? No.

You may not care about UNC/Duke, but it's a financial boon for both schools and is a game that is easy to sell to high school kids. Kansas, due to its geography, needs all the national press it can get.

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Fans chirping over what could be last KU-Mizzou basketball game in Columbia

Why I like MU over KU:

1. I don't like exclusivity and prefer honoring anyone, like honoring the cheating heiresses who didn't attend MU (it will always be The Paige to me), or Truman the Tiger named after Harry Truman who also did not attend MU. Anyone can name things after famous alumni like Phog Allen or James Naismith...well...if they have bada$$ famous alumni.

2. I can't count so MU's lack of final 4s, national championships, etc. is the perfect number for me.

3. I also don't understand geography, which is why I'm so excited to be a part of the East division in the SEC!

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Former KU quarterback Brock Berglund issues statement saying KU won't grant release

If there's more to it, then KU needs to make that known. Fact is this is giving KU a black eye. One blogger is enough to get the word out. Don't think for a second other recruits don't see stuff like this. Perception is everything.

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Former KU quarterback Brock Berglund issues statement saying KU won't grant release

Royal mistake by KU.

Either accept the kid's reasoning for missing the practice (sounds legit) or release him from his obligations. Do NOT like the fact that he found out he was released via twitter and now this. Perceptions are extremely important in recruiting and we need to do the bare minimum here to not kill ourselves publicly - not to mention it's the right thing to do. If there is a reason, legally, we can't release him then it should have been in the response.

Wish Brock was coming to KU, but if he's not, let him go somewhere else.

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Charlie Weis kicks backsides, returns names

Excited for the year and excited for the new coaching staff/players, but I have to be honest that the outright dismissal and 'no longer playing' status of several starters has me confused at best and disappointed at worst. I'm really curious as to why several, including Miller and Terry, were outright dismissed. Plus, what's the story with Webb? I hope it truly was mutual. Crist, for all his promise, is still just promise and he's shown a propensity to injure. If he goes down, then what? I'm sure (really more hope) there are legit reasons for the dismissals and not a 'I'll show them who's boss' moment as the players committed and stood by their commitments to KU, they deserve the same in return.

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KU football names Rob Ianello WR coach and recruiting coordinator

Love getting Ianello but I agree, I'm really curious as to how this will impact Mitchell. He deserves massive props for sticking through everything not to mention he's great at his job. Hope he doesn't get screwed.

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Weis’ renown akin to Larry Brown’s

I think that's asking a lot, Bang. You figure we win our 3 non cons, but what do we get after that? We aren't likely to beat UT, OU, OSU, KSU, Baylor (depending on RGIII), or TCU. ISU is further along in its rebuilding than us so I don't think we win that, Tech we could beat giving us 4 wins, and WVU is a coin flip depending on where and when the game is played.

I'd love to go bowling, but realistically we're not anywhere close to even competing with half the Big 12 and unless we get some serious JuCo defensive talent I think we're 2 years away from realistically thinking of a bowl.

I'm going to go kick a puppy now and complete my Bah-Humbug Holiday post.

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Former Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist picks Kansas

Great decision by Crist and excited to see him under center next year. This should help with getting WRs and with our current OL and RBs we could have a fairly potent offense. This also speaks volumes for the sway of Weis. Several years past his time coaching Crist and now at a Uni with minimal football tradition and he's still able to bring the kid with him.

As for Webb, no one should be gleeful at his likely benching or transferring. The kid chose Kansas, worked his tail off, and did everything asked of him. The failures of the coaches, the players around him, or his own athletic limitations are no reason to blow horns the second he is gone. I, for one, wish him the best and hope he decides to finish out his career as a Jayhawk. (Who knows how he'd do under Weis and it's never good to lose experienced QBs. He has represented the University with guts and class.

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Thomas Robinson wins Big 12 player of the week

on paper he deserves it, but watching him these past few games - and especially against OSU - I am left wondering, 'what is up'? He looked fatigued or disinterested for large parts of it. I was talking with the people in the seats next to me and people were doing searches on their phones trying to figure out if he was sick. He was often the last player (for either team) back on Defense, he was constantly hunched over, and he was bitching quite a bit. He's my favorite player on the team and he's never shown anything but a 110% motor, but something seems up - be it attitude or fitness.

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 9, 8:38 p.m. - Report: Fedora accepts North Carolina job; Where does Kansas go from here and how quickly?

That might be good enough for KU, but was certainly not good enough for NU. Given the regression he caused at NU, though, I wouldn't want a Callahan-lite here.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing that as a distinct possibility.

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