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Hectic Sunday also brings three additions to KU football's 2018 recruiting class

The chancellor will fire the AD and coach. When it happens, I don't know, but it will happen. Both of them are horrible at their jobs.

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Notebook: Zenger endorses Beaty in rebuilding process; Wise and Armstrong will weigh NFL decisions

Beaty and Zenger will be fired by this time next year. Why do other programs change coaches and very quickly begin to win? It's obvious Zenger and Beaty is the problem.

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Jayhawks dropped by Texas Tech, 65-19

I believe the chancellor will fire the AD and the coach at the end of the season, no matter what he has said in the past. With the right people, we could be rolling very quickly and back in business. It's not KU, it's the people we've hired to run the football team!

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Tom Keegan: Sheahon Zenger's seat hottest of all

Thank you so much for this thoughtful article. If a big part of your job is hiring appropriate people and you can't, you're not doing the job you were hired for. Take the buyout, spare your family and friends the emotional consequences of your performance, and see where life takes you. Good luck.

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Crash and burn

The Student section was full until the 4th and the game was out of hand. They were the loudest part of the stadium and no, I'm not a student, I sat in Section 7 behind the parents.

We do not have generations of football fans and the bleeding blue fans don't come over night. We also do not have the athletes that measure up to OU's, as they are a national power and play several kids that will play professionally.

These are simple facts. Our fan base is green and wobbly and our program is new to this level.

We will not play a defense remotely close to OU until we get to Austin. Our defense did a lot of good yesterday. Our offense will return. The national, objective media saw the game for what it was: the OU defense took over.

That's what I saw too. How many points did Colt score on them?

Texas scored three field goals and one touchdown. We scored two field goals and one touchdown.

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Backups pushing KU defense in new direction

I was on the 35 yard line for ISU and on the rail in Boulder last Saturday. I can tell you that our defense changed and improved. I think some people are still very angry, but if you stop and watch, they are better and more importantly they are going to get better and I think very fast. I look forward to seeing them at the stadium on Saturday. If they change as much as they did between Iowa State and CU, something special might happen.

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Kansas will beat Sooners

Losing to CU gives us our best chance to beat OU. The offense and Todd needed to taste a little humble pie, and having witnessed both games from incredible vantage points (was sitting on the rail in the end zone in Boulder) I can tell you we have a different Defense that is going to improve all year. Both CU and ISU are going to beat people. Nebraska better look out this weekend.

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The Keegan Ratings: The legend of Mario

You all are crazy to question Collins at all. He makes an aggressive drive that doesn't pay and you all think he's out of control. You don't think Bill doesn't give him the green light on that all day? He tells him GO. I can't even believe these comments. Without Sherron, NO TITLE. People fold, their bodies give, and he didn't. That steal, that three, that push up the court to dish the assist to the greatest shot in KU history-------WHAT GAME WERE YOU WATCHING?

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Hoax calls traced to Chicago

Look, it's over now, but to make excuses for the bad decision making by all involved at the LJW doesn't help. All the heat they're getting is deserved. If this had happened closer to the game and had been left on the site to get picked up by a national outlet, that could've been damaging, plain and simple, and they know that. So all the apologists can stop enabling their bad performance. The LJW KNOW there is no excuse, none. They blew it. No harm. Move on.

I feel bad for everyone who was traumatized. I read the original comments made who found the story and it's horrifying. That would've been such a let down for me. Stop doing stories on it and eat it.

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