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KU wins third straight Big 12 Tourney, knocks off Texas 84-74

im thinkin duke or georgetown

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KU basketball reaps benefits of players meeting

also...good question smitty33...anyone know how much i could reasonably scalp a 1st/2nd round ticket in omaha?

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KU basketball reaps benefits of players meeting

honestly, a 2 seed in the south would lead us to houston, most likely against memphis in the elite 8...which is most likely better than the situation we had last year, which would happen this year again, a 1 seed in the west matched up with UCLA or stanford in the phoenix, which is better than LA, but still in the pac 10s backyard...sure a 1 seed is awesome, but id rather play memphis in texas, rather than ucla in arizona...then get to deal with ucla in the final 4...and honestly, what a better final 4 than kansas, ucla, duke, and unc? i doubt there has ever been a final 4 with more wins from the 4 teams...of course the chances of 4 of the top 6 teams in the nation all making the f4 is very unlikely becuase there is usually a 4 or 5 seed who finally puts it all together, or just has a perfect road to the f4 fall into their lap

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Knocked off the top

KU, i agreed with you on the wins thing until your last comment...
A. Duke lost to Pitt on a neutral court
B. wins against UConn, Wisconsin, Vandy, Gonzaga, and maybe even WSU (6-5 in conference play) are not the quality wins you claim them to be
C. A majority of these teams wins came at home, not on the road where our 2 losses have come from...i would like to think that if KState & Texas were both played in Lawrence we would have won both, but we'll never know i guess

Also, i would rather have any of our 3 guards than Augustin...he dribbles around until he gets fouled or wants to take a bad shot, sure he had some good dribble drive & kicks last night, but he also was 1-13 and kept throwing it up there, just like Saturday at ISU when he was 3-18 and kept chuckin it up there, had he been more of an orchestrator last night when he figured out he was having an off night, we probably would have not had a chance to tie it at the end, as we would have been down by double digits, becuase guys like Atchley and Abrams werent having off-nights

And please guys, stop complaining about Sherron, didnt you notice who was guarding Augustin in the last 10 minutes, when he couldnt get into the lane at will anymore? Sure he gets going to fast on O sometimes, but his D last night on Augustin probably kept us in it

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Border snore

weird...when i saw snubbed in the headling, i thought it would have meant dropping down behind UNC and UCLA in the rankings, is it just me or is there absolutely no logic involved in that? Believe me, i know its early Feb. and rankings still dont mean a whole lot, but it does burn getting treated this way by the voters in FB AND BB...anyone have any thoughts?

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Wright recalls muzzling Mizzou

this is completely way off topic...but i was wondering, with the struggles kentucky and UNC have had in the last 10 years, and ku having one of our better 10 year runs, does anyone know how much ground we've picked up on these 2, or how how many wins we are behind them now?

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Collins happy to return

how about our training staff..getting players back way ahead of schedule on a consistent basis....thats impressive stuff, theyve got to be among the best in the nation

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No apologies for weak schedule

caddie, i agree with nycjayhawk...i dont think he's necessarily saying that compartative scoring is a good way to compare teams, but part of schedule strength is based on who your opponents have beaten. obviously colorado, kansas state, A&M, (and NU at times: dominated Texas for 50 min.)..they all proved that they were capable of beating good teams, at home and on the road. when the "big guns" of the conference failed against them, we didn't, we deserve credit for that.

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Adarius the great

where do we vote for mangino at?

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Computers say KU better than USC, Florida

i wonder, and if anyone knows please let us know...but when was the last time kansas was the last undefeated team in their conferece (it definitely goes back to the big 8 days)? and when were they ranked ahead of florida, texas, and nebraska? it is truly exciting..rock chalk!!

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