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KU women improve to 11-1

BFD...same thing as every year. Good start against a bunch of nobodies, go 5-11 in B12 play, put a scare into someone in the tournament, back into the WNIT and barely save Bonnies job.

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KU coach Bill Self: Kevin Young 'bailed us out'

it's completely different when it's a fight between good (KU) vs evil (mu)

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Woodling: Lawsuit gives T's new life

Well said trobs...people, theyre freaking t-shirts, if you dont like them then dont buy one. Thats how America works. Weird how all you old guys are saying Muck Fizzou is classless, yet you dont seem to have a problem with 18 y.o. college girls wearing short skirts and bikini tops (theres nothing wrong with that either, just an example). This whole thing makes everyone seem junior high again, why do you care about what other people wear? If you think thats classless thats your opinion, but why do you care about how other people represent themselves? I personally think its gross when old guys with farmers tans wear tank tops or cut-offs to games, but Im never going to walk up to one and tell him he shouldnt be allowed to wear that. Grow up and worry about yourselves.

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Tackle spots up for grabs at KU

we picked up another recruit yesterday, i dont know why but theres no article about it, but we got a QB (Jordan Webb) from union, missouri...a kid everyone thought was a lock to go to MU, hes been compared to chase daniel in his size and stature, but is better running the ball, last year threw for 55 tds and 11 ints, and ran for over 600 yards...exciting times in the program

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Kansas lands a legacy

heres a video of him...he defnintely looks legit, if tony sands says hes better than he was coming out of high school, then there is definitely something to be excited about, especially considering the strides players make once they get to campus under mangino....hopefully this is just the first of many good recruits....heres the link

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Tony Sands' son commits to KU

hes a good commit, i saw some film on him earlier in the day, and looks like hes legit...good start for MM

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Report sullies Talib's character

i dont know if anyone has seen this, and its off of the subject a little bit but...tony sands son deshaun became our first known football commitment for next years recruiting class...supposively he was one of the top RBs in florida last year

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

congrats to everyone...coaches, team, loyal fans!! heres to the best night ever...ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

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Self on OSU: 'I'm not a candidate'

also, i just found the full quote on, so anyone who was nitpicking the "im not a candidate..." here is the whole thing...."I am not even a candidate for the job," Self said of Oklahoma State. "I will be back I am not going anywhere."

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Self on OSU: 'I'm not a candidate'

i dont think the strongest statement he made was the one about not being a candidate, but when he said if they were to contact him, he would strongly urge them to look in another me thats the end of the story, that there is basically saying even if they do call, im saying no. when roy said he didn't give a sh** about UNC, remember he was 5 minutes removed from losing the NC, a game in which all reality wouldnt have been a game had KU made 1/2 their FTs...anyways...of course he didnt care about UNC at that point.......and even if he were to leave, this is kansas BB, we can go handpick 95% of any other coaches in the worries..maybe even someone like Isiah Thomas?...ok bad joke...oh well, coach said he wouldnt take it if they did offer him, to me thats the end of the story...and lets not fool ourselves, sure OSU can offer him lots of money, but there is no shortage of money at KU either, not to mention Lew said he would do "everything possible" to keep me, this is a non story

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