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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Did anyone else find the NOA difficult to read with all the punctuation errors? Specifically, all the glaring mistakes using a semicolon? Ugh. Apparently, the authors of the NOA weren't trained writers.

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2019: Silvio De Sousa

Matt -- the loudest single ovation in the history of Allen Fieldhouse? I think you might not be old enough to remember Jacque Vaughn's return from injury in Allen Fieldhouse. It exploded that day. I remember.

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California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA

This is the most ludicrous idea ever. Instead of parity in college sports, it is going to be a case of the-rich-get-richer. Those schools that can offer the most money or the best deals to athletes will get the best athletes. I sincerely hope the NCAA charges any California schools that pay athletes or plays athletes that violate existing rules with violations and ban them from competition. If we want student athletes to be paid, then we need to set an amount they can be paid, and have that amount be the same across all schools. We cannot have a case of universities purchasing student athletes.

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Texas offensive lineman Hughes commits to Kansas University

Players come to play. If I were the Baylor coach, I would have had my players play as hard as they could for the entire game. Game experience matters, and just because you are winning 52-7 at halftime does not mean you should play less hard the second half. You don't get that half back later on when you wish you had just a little bit more experience, If the score ends up 140-7, then it ends up 140-7. I don't think players or coaches should ever take the foot off the pedal, no matter te score. And I am a lifetime Jayhawk fan.

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SFA’s Schneider front-runner for KU post

I stand by my comment.

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SFA’s Schneider front-runner for KU post

This guy will be a bust. You heard it here first.

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SFA coach a top candidate for KU women's basketball position


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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

You know, Cliff's mom can't collateralize Cliff's future earning. She really couldn't even sign a UCC form, either. Only Cliff can collateralize his future earnings. That is why this whole things smells fishy. If there was a loan and if his future earnings were the collateral, Cliff most certainly had to be in on it.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Something sounds fishy here. The Alexander family would not be the one filing the UCC thing -- the loan company would! Typically it is the lender that files this paperwork.

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KU’s Oubre ‘ready’ to enter NBA Draft

Jayhawks are always Jayhawks. I graduated KU 20 years ago, and I am still a Jayhawk, not a former one, or an ex-Jayhawk. Sheesh.

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