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1-3-1 breakdown: Three under-the-radar moments from KU-Baylor

Part of the reason for the Jayhawks not getting to the line early in the season could be because of their margin of victory in the non conference schedule. The opposing team wouldn't be looking to extend the game the way a team would in the closer games of the big 12.

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Josh Jackson flies to top of ratings vs. UAB

I also thought Mitch Lightfoot had a nice highlight with his shocked and awed face after a Jackson dunk. Kids these days.

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Huskies’ prospects for Porter improve

Is there anyone questioning that maybe we hired Bill Self to get Tyler? Or we hired Danny to get Evan? Where's the outrage?

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Name dropping: Self surprised at teams in South Regional

One thing I'm sure of is that Perry and Jamari will leave after this year.

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Column: Cliff Alexander learns a difficult lesson

Something makes me feel that he may have been blackballed by the NCAA to punish him somehow for his mother taking money. He can be used as an object lesson by college programs all over as to what can happen if you break the rules. They can tell the kids, "You won't even be drafted". I don't know for sure that the NCAA and NBA work hand in hand like that, but when you see tons of kids drafted with much less ability it makes me wonder.

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Slam-dunk decision: Ole Miss transfer Dwight Coleby coming to KU

I'm pretty sure Hunter Mickelson has had his chances to prove himself to the coaches. I doubt coach self has purposefully held him back.

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Sporting News moves Jayhawks to No. 1 spot in preseason Top 25

I'm excited to see how Perry plays for us this year. I think if he gets help from Diallo and Bragg he could have the season we've been hoping for him to have.

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Mitchell Ballock accepts Curry invite

He failed to meet the requirements after his senior year of high school. He has gone on to a prep school Elev8 Sports Academy in Delray Beach, Florida so that he can get his grades up to standards. I suppose it is the same when a Division 1 player goes to play at a Junior College for a year to get his grades up to qualify for a 4 year college.

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Sounds like some time as a Small Forward is in Perry Ellis' future

When I read the comments from Perry that said that the NBA guys told him he needed to work on his ball handling and his outside game I started thinking that the conversations Perry had with Bill Self must have included some negotiating about his role on next years team. I can't imagine Perry being willing to come back if he is going to have to be the inside presence he had to be last year. If we get a legitimate big player to take up that inside spot Perry can move out to the wing and be a huge mismatch against smaller guards. So with his ability to play in the paint he could see his numbers improve dramatically if he was guarded by other smaller players. If we don't land another tall recruit in this class then we need to hope that Landen Lucas learns a lot and improves this summer because we are going to need him. Also based on the flashes seen last year Jamari may be set to have a breakout year.

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