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What to expect out of KU football in 2018 (The KU Sports Hour)

I think KU had better win at least 4 games this year. There is simply a reality that comes with a new AD. Four wins means beating teams a Power-5 conference team should, defeating a not-very-good Big 10 team and winning one conference game. I think four wins should be necessary not to make a change. Likewise, I think the ceiling is 5 wins. It's unrealistic to expect a jump from 1 to 6 wins.

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Tom Keegan: Same starting quarterback still could mean livelier offense

Great points! I'm hoping a change in offensive style will translate into results in 2018.

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KU names Peyton Bender its starting QB for season opener

I'm just glad they finally picked someone to get more reps so he's ready (as best he can) for the season opener. I think we can at least agree that the decision wasn't made lightly. After all, the wrong choice at QB will lead to dismal offense, which would seal Beaty's fate. Let's root for the kid to succeed, because if he does well, the team does well, and the university looks that much better.
That said, he has to play better than he did in 2017 or he has to get a quick hook.

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Beaty apologizes to Oklahoma, KU fans, Big 12 and college football for captains' handshake snub

As I stated on Twitter, either the guys have failed to learn in the past three years, or our coaching staff hasn't taught them these things in three years. Either one shows a lack of leadership by the coaching staff and is inexcusable. We've been a horrible football team for more than three years now, and that's bad enough. Now we've lost integrity. This whole episode made KU a laughingstock -- even more than our poor record. I'm not saying Beaty's a bad guy. I don't think the coaching staff is a bunch of useless human beings. I'm just saying at some point we have to make decisions that benefit the university. Attendance below 27,000 per game and now this? The reality of life is money has to talk. Things have deteriorated to the point where we have to breathe new life into the program or see progress. All I've asked on social media is what the coaching staff is going to do to fix this problem of discipline and performance. If they have a strategy (beyond "work harder") then let's see it and get on with it so we can be a better program. If they have no plan or have no idea what to do, then I think that kind of response shows a change is needed. But let's see something that shows leadership. We certainly didn't get that this weekend from our football program in any way, shape or form -- from team captains to the coaching staff.

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Unfriendly Affair: Despite inspired start, Jayhawks can't keep up with No. 3 Oklahoma

This loss bother some me more than the others because the pre-game lack of respect for an opponent shows our coaching staff has no control over the program. Either they can't lead or the player should won't follow their lead. Either way, this goes beyond poor on-field performance, which we have seen plenty of. We already were a laughing stock prior to this game. Now people are mocking our school because of the lack of sportsmanship - pretty much all that a 1-10 team has left. I think Beaty is a good guy, but how many more examples of lack of leadership skills do we need? He's worse than Valesente - another nice guy who was in over his head. I had been swayed by the arguments against making a coaching change because of the unrest it causes. But today shows our coach's problem goes far beyond what happens with X's and O's.

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Bill Self on playing Mizzou: 'I don’t think there’s been any change in our position'

I have one question unrelated to the Mizzou rivalry question: To where will the money raised at this event go? I'm just curious which organization gets it. Seems like an important part of the initial story has been missed.

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Baylor women rout KU, 74-46

OK, so we hoped for a better performance, but this was Baylor. When last I checked they are tops in women's hoops. In their building, this result isn't surprising. You may not like Coach H, but I don't know that this loss is all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Get on another winning streak and do well in the tourney. That's all that really matters.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

I have to wonder who some of you were hoping would be the new coach. I think this is a great hire. Our coach has name recognition and ties to the NFL, which is the key draw in recruiting these days.
Did you think a program that sank so far so fast was going to lure away a Miles or a Kiffin or another big-name coach. Remember, we fired the mist successful coach in decades because he hurt players' feelings.
This program has to be successful for Kansas not to be left out in all the conference mayhem, and to start to be relevant again you have to recruit talent. I think Weis will be able to do that because of the NFL ties.
I think it's a bold move, exactly the kind that was needed.

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