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Give R.J. Hampton an assist for Kansas finding its latest commitment, Class of 2022 guard Tre White

Just an article edit, the paragraph "Some reports of White's commitment" lists him as being from Little Elm. Easy mistake to make as that is where RJ went.

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What's up with Lagerald Vick, how long will Dotson stick around, the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and more...

Agreed he hasn't lived up to the hype, but he was awesome in game 1 against MSU. Against Vermont he also had 10 points and 10 assists. Given Vick went off and that helped his assist numbers, but still see his potential.

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As KU Athletics posts another financial loss, leaders say focus needs to be on increasing revenue, not decreasing expenses

Would be interesting to see exactly how much revenue KU lost when Zenger outsourced the ticket sales to the Aspire Group and saw essentially zero return. Think they even got a percent of donations to the WEF.

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As college basketball corruption trial comes to a close, KU could be facing several NCAA code violations

In one aspect, Townsend was just saying what he needed to say to stay in the running for Zion. Ignorant to think that KU would not have offered whatever any other school would have offered Zion. But this could be a saving grace for Townsend, while no money was paid for Zion, he could argue he was just saying whatever he needed to say in order to compete on the recruiting trail.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

Kruger's a smart guy. Other teams in close games have just had the defensive prowess to be able to get stops against us. OU doesn't, thus he want to the next most logical option. Fran is not saying anything on television that all other conference coaches don't already know.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

Dude, De Sousa should still be in high school right now. Chill out. He's literally going from playing against boys to men in less than a month.

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Getting to know: Oklahoma basketball

Bobby, you might want to change "infamous" to another term when talking about David Lattin. Infamous usually means known for a bad quality if I'm not mistaken.

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