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Andrew Wiggins scores 21; KU draws 10,000 fans for scrimmage

10,000 people & 5 friggin posts. Way to go LJW. Just as well have issued a gag order.

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KU men's basketball No. 6 in USA Today preseason coaches poll

#6? Wow breaking news men, even reruns would top this. I agree, most news is somewhere else before here. so why read this one if all the witty posters are gone? OakV, DSlayr, JB, HEMajor, & many more have all just seemed to vanish. These guys always gave us a different perspective & allowed us to digest & digress as point/counterpoint BB fans. Facts are, most of us aren't that BB savvy & if generic, boring copy is the only reason to visit this site, why bother-we can do that anywhere without allowing access to personal information via fbook. If LJW doesn't wise up soon, there will be fewer & fewer readers daily going forward. About 50% have been about the site change for most of a week now & I'm personally weary of it, my board rat days are just about done here too. Is a crying shame LJW is limiting this extraordinary Jayhawks fanbase into a virtual silence. And I do mean extraordinary.

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Author/ex-coach Ted Owens to speak, sign


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Author/ex-coach Ted Owens to speak, sign

It is entirely possible what I posted as tongue & cheek sarcasm on the Mario story about the NSA or IRS wanting our contact lists may actually be true. Tonight this story is on msn,
Also thieves, stalkers, & hackers can abound with a tiny, tiny bit of one's personal information as well, so anonymity certainly is preferential for those whom wish to remain vigilant. Think about it, it doesn't take very much. If your child or friends post on social media that your family is enjoying a night out for dinner, for a game, or whatever, a thief may just walk right in & waltz right out with all your family jewels in their own little bag. What has occurred on this blog may actually be out of LJW's control, but no matter what or why, it's pretty much destroyed this fan blog for those of us who read & enjoy it many times on a daily basis. It would be like shooting off their foot for LJW to do this on their own, & I can't imagine that. Readers are money to them, plain & simple. And furthermore, I'd like to go on record right now & say many of our frequent board rats are much better writers, wits, & analysts than the employees who right these stories. Also take note that the LJW is just one of the many blog sites that have adopted this recent requirement & that, in itself, is enough for me to cry conspiracy theory. Some of the posters here have been extremely funny through the years. Oh well, just one more thing to cross of the to-do list for tomorrow & the days to follow, but I'll sure miss the "fanships" we've had on this board... RCJH...

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Mario Chalmers flashes fine form for Heat

If this is what they want to try to get fat, this is what they get. Good luck with that.

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Oubre latest Texan to join Kansas basketball

Things change my friends, and not always for the better. Probably selling names & emails of posters & their contacts for profit. Still I don't understand what far fletched security reasons would make them dis allow us anonymity. This opens a real can of worms for LJW & hackers & trolls going forward. Answering the google questions was a pain in itself-maybe this is part of a coup de tent with them for a franchise deal. Rest assured whatever the reasoning, money is at the bottom of it... or the NSA, IRS, or heaven forbid, the freaking DEMOCRATS?! LOL! Sayonara ladies & gents, it's been fun. But like the skunk screwing the possum, it's finally over at last.

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Self: KU needs Tharpe to be irreplaceable

Hopefully we do have a quality backup when Naa needs a blow, has foul trouble, or heaven forbid, has an injury. Having no experienced back up at the point could potentially become a very significant issue.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Say what, testicle?

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

They mix like water and, ahem... vinegar...ugh! But then again, you know what they say, everybody loves a winner. Just in case UK makes the NIT again-LOL.

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