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Memorial Stadium renovation plans unveiled; campaign bolstered by $50M pledge

Time and time again people go and attack the staff for not winning, but coaches can only do so much, we need to get better players. Coaches can't control if a pass is on target, or a defender blocks, or if a receiver can catch the ball while tip-toeing down the sideline with a defender on his back. It doesn't matter if KU went out and got the best coaches in the world tomorrow, it comes down to who is on the field.

With the past coaches it was easy to say they need to go because they weren't performing on the field and they couldn't get recruits to come to KU. Beaty is the first coach since Mangino that is able to recruit players that are competitive in the Big 12, but since then the coaches haven't and that's causing Beaty to essentially build a new football team from scratch all while competing in one of the toughest football conferences.

For once, it's time to let the program develop under one coach that is devoted to turn the program around. Give Beaty time to get his young team experience, but if he can't show signs by the time his own recruits are seniors then we all can start discussions of getting a replacement. Until then we can sit and wait a bit longer, it's not like we haven't be able to do that for the last 10 years anyway.

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