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4-star wing forward Jalen Wilson signs with Kansas

Been a while since I laughed out loud at a post on this site, but your first line got me!

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Dudarev, Bradford earn All-America honors to begin NCAA Championships

A little more detail on Hoppel's race from the Track and Field Coach's Assoc website...

"The opening heat was the one to watch in this event as both Bryce Hoppel of Kansas and Devin Dixon of Texas A&M went head-to-head in what was an exciting matchup.

Dixon took the field out fast as he tried to separate the standouts from the rest of the field. His plan worked well as he led the race for the first 500-600 meters before Hoppel was able to use his kick to overtake Dixon at the end of the race. Dixon didn’t let off his plan and crossed the line hard as the two finished within .51 seconds of one another."

Go Bryce!!

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

#6 - I know you said don't, but here goes - simply wash it, eat it, and slowly learn to love it!

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Right now KU football's primary competition is Maryland, which also has a coaching opening

From wiki, KU has an endowment of $1.61 billion, while Maryland's is $542 million. Am I missing something?

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KU football stuns TCU behind late-game theatrics

You could be right, but we all had similar thoughts about the West Virginia game, too. We will see in a few days!

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KU coaches say hey to Hampton before 2020 guard heads north for Late Night

Looks really tired, too.

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams as flexbone QB?

Nope - Nov 9, 1975. 23-3

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