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KU freshman Latrell Jossell entering transfer portal

I say this with no snark, no cruel intentions or meaning to be mean:


I swear to God that I do not recall hearing his name even once.

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KU big man Gethro Muscadin enters transfer portal

I do not mean this to sound cruel and I wish him nothing but the best, but I swear to God that I thought he was either a redshirt or was going to join the team this coming year. That is how much I recall hearing about him this season. I hope that he finds success and happiness wherever he goes.

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KU's football game with Boston College could be in jeopardy after ACC's new scheduling provisions for 2020

I want both teams to be safe, but this is BS. This is the ACC trying to get itself a competitive advantage. If you need to bail out of the game, I certainly wouldn't fault you. But to demand that KU have to travel to Boston when KU has already played against BC in Boston is transparently unfair. Assuming they don't bail entirely, they're saying that they don't care that KU has to travel, that they don't care that KU has already traveled to Boston in fulfilling their end of the contract, that they don't think that KU is capable of running the game as safely as they think (for no reason) they can do it, they're also saying that they don't think KU is as worthy of the protection that they claim to be trying to give the BC players.

Again, if BC were to cancel the game, I could see that and understand that. heck, I could support it. But to use this as a way to demand multiple competitive advantages when they've already gotten the best end of the contract they signed is dirty, cheap and should be beneath them.

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Former Jayhawk Jim Ryun to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Yes. Which is why I thought it was even more weird that you didn't spell his name correctly since the guy you were calling out got it right.

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Former Jayhawk Jim Ryun to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Do you respect him enough to know that his name is spelled "Ryun?"

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Former Jayhawk Jim Ryun to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

I've always wondered, how does the Journal-World stylistically address whether someone is a current or "former" Jayhawk? I'm not trying to nitpick, I'm genuinely curious. Because I think of Ryun as "a Jayhawk," not "a former Jayhawk." Same with Danny Manning and Todd Reesing. I understand that he no longer attends school, but is that the demarcation of "current" versus "former?" If Danny Manning were to return to coaching at KU, would he be a Jayhawk?

Sorry if this sounds nitpicky. I really don't mean it that way. I graduated decades ago and I still think of myself a a Jayhawk, just not one who attends classes. Should I adjust my thinking and start saying that I used to be one?

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KU basketball recruiting notebook: Examining a couple of top-tier 2021 point guards

I'm not the type to enjoy throwing cold water on the fun other people are having, but how realistic is it that KU will actually sign any true top-level prospects with the NCAA investigation hanging over our collective heads?

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Time to pull the plug on the idea of fans in the stands in 2020

This makes way too much sense to ever hope that it'll be done. Greedy admins and owners will say that they're just letting in a few people and will engage in social distancing and when that works without any obvious immediate repercussions, they'll let in a few more. Suddenly, they'll "remember" how much money they cold be raking in and people either too stupid or too willful (or both) will start proclaiming that keeping them out of games is a violation of their "rights" and the floodgates will open.

I desperately want sports to come back because I'm taking the pandemic seriously and I really want some kind of distraction. And I will watch the everliving hell out of KU sports on TV if I can and if I'm convinced that the athletes are safe (because as much as I want sports, I don't want to participate in supporting them if they put college kids at risk for no money). But once someone starts allowing people to attend, everyone else will and it'll be a race to the bottom.

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KU AD Jeff Long announces departmentwide furloughs, pay cuts

I agree with not making the people making less than $50k take any kind of pay cut or furlough, at least in principle.

But firing the basketball coach won't work for several reasons. First, it would be fundamentally impossible from a legal standpoint to fire him for cause in light of the strong, strident response KU filed in response to the NCAA's Notice of Inquiry. KU made a full-throated defense and claimed complete innocence. Unless they're willing to go to the NCAA and say "we were wrong, Coach Self absolutely cheated ," we can't fire him for cause. And even *if* we did that, the penalties the NCAA would be able to levy against KU could be staggering.

Also, firing Bill Self to save his salary and use the savings to pay other AD staff only works if we don't hire another coach. Firing a coach and hiring a new one while we await the NCAA's penalties for our now-admitted cheating is going to be ridiculously expensive. What good coach is going to take the job not knowing what penalties might end up coming down months later? And even if we could find such a coach to take the job, do you think we can hire that person for no money? Do you think we could even get them to take the job for less money than Bill Self is making right now? I don't think we could, but even if that was possible, how much less would they have to take in order to balance out the payments we'd be making to prevent anyone else from having to take a pay cut? I don't think there's any way to make the math work on this.

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Former KU AD Sheahon Zenger named athletic director at the University of New Haven

Looking forward to him giving Billy Gillespie a 15-year contract to coach basketball.

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