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D-day arrives: Jayhawks to learn draft fate tonight

There has to be a way to designate current players from ones who have graduated and/or moved on, in news stories. Do you like "former Jayhawks" better? Or another moniker? Just curious, not trying to imply anything negative here.

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'Monster' game: Azubuike abuses rims in scrimmage

And I'm kind of speechless about Azubuike. If he can stay healthy, he really does look like a combination of Shaq and Darnell Jackson.

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'Monster' game: Azubuike abuses rims in scrimmage

Just when the obscene Mizzou Tshirts finally disappeared from campus, LFK is taking the city by storm. I normally am not against trends but I think it's kind of lazy whenever a cuss word is used in a popular saying. What do you folks think? LFK yay or nay? Again, I personally think it's lazy and tacky whenever you use that certain word in a saying. Please don't mention the actual word here and keep it civil. I just truly wanted your opinions.

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Frank Mason III scores 29 to lead Blue team to victory in Self's campers game

If you've ever seen a KU practice ... anybody could get hurt at any time. The guys are extremely physical. You just have to knock on wood and hope for the best regarding injuries.

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Josh Jackson survives hard fall unscathed, thrills campers with 21-point outing

I don't know. I'll check it out. I vaguely remember last year reading an article about the shorts actually becoming shorter once again. Not like the old days but the trend was shorts hiking upward some.

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Josh Jackson survives hard fall unscathed, thrills campers with 21-point outing

Brannen declined interview request today at the game which was kind of disappointing. Woulda liked to discuss his being a hero, etc.

The Lightfoot foul/Jackson fall was definitely scary. He was off balance and fell hard on his back with no hands to brace him. Maybe it's good he didn't get to use his hands as you could break a wrist doing that. Josh/KU got lucky today. He probably should have broken a bone somewhere. Instead just had wind knocked out of him.

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Josh Jackson scores 21 points in camp scrimmage

Yeah I watched it over and over in slow motion and wow, that was quite the foul and fall.
Josh said he's already talked to Mitch about it. He said it in a joking way, but Josh is no dummy. I bet he told Mitch the goal is not to harm one's buddies. That was a helluva fall. If you look closely, his feet are extended and nothing breaks his fall! Crazy play if you watch the replay. Hard to believe he only got the wind knocked out of him.
Lightfoot played pretty well, as well. 11 points. Looked good.

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Dorance Armstrong the real deal

Say something nice about Kansas football Part Four I believe:
CLINT BOWEN. CLINT BOWEN. CLINT BOWEN. What a great person and contributor to the program. From Lawrence High to KU.
Shoutout to his brother Charley as well. Great football player in his day.

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Friends and FOE: Former Jayhawks launch line of merchandise

They are rich NBA players. To them, this is like Madonna putting out a line of clothes or something. They are trying to start a fashion trend and a nation-wide FOE fashion movement. This is a business to them.

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Ranking KU basketball's 2016-17 non-conference games

It's remarkable how yearly KU continues to avoid the temptation of playing some of the hyphenated no-name schools that appear on slates of other Big 12 teams (the Houston Baptists, Hardin-Simmons, SE Louisianas, Prairie Views, Corpus Christis). Should be interesting to see if KU is able to win enough noncon games to stay in contention for the No. 1 seed entering league play which is always tricky. This year you want to get that No. 1 seed with the Midwest Regional in Kansas City.

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