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KU rowing nets pair of honors

...not to mention that KU sacrificed rowing to be all-women, which to me makes it less interesting to both men and women as a sport, both as a fan and as a team. Really sad.

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

I loved Robinson's quote on how he doesn't like coming from behind but they seem to be good at it! What a hilareous, tough team. I'm going to miss this squad after Monday - looking forward to watching the final, Rock Chalk!

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Roy Williams, Tar Heels hurting after loss to Kansas

Thank you for being so gracious, Roy.

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Elijah Johnson’s big three reflects ‘great confidence’

I hope they get a chance to ride up the arch - if they can fit in those little caterpillar cars.

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Upstart Wolfpack next up for KU

Also free concussions, guaranteed for the high-rev football players - what a bonus! They could get a better education without concussions.

So, put a value on life-long chronic injury to body and brain; surely it's not worthless, because who wants to risk their life for an over-valued $150,000 sports science degree?

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Upstart Wolfpack next up for KU

I liked the problem you posed about 'paycheck' ; I didn't think of that one. I guess one way would be to standardize the 'paycheck' throughout the country, where high-rev schools subsidize the others.

AFH could use more seats, that's for sure. I have to say, that crazy idea of AFH having a Jayhawk shape is reminiscent of the basillicas in Italy, which have footprints the shape of a cross. I would only add, let there be an open beak so that the 130 decibals can roar out of it onto ...a nearby neighborhood. Anyway, there is a historical precedence for the Jayhawk building. I mean, we all know the KU fan base is crazy, and it might follow that the building should support the fan base.

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Kansas’ Ben McLemore headed home

I also read it that way. So, someone needs to proof and re-write the thing, maybe by morning. It would be nice to acknowledge the posters after this article is re-written so that we don't look like over-critical doofuses.

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Upstart Wolfpack next up for KU

If Shabazz is a one-and-done prospect then I say forget him. I like him, I just get tired of treating college ball like the NBA. These kids make no money and get a college education, that was always the idea.

Not that I agree with universities making tons of dough off of them while they risk ruining their bodies. I think they should be paid in stock from a fund of the game receipts during their tenure, but only after they graduate from college with a 4-year degree. This would apply to all the revenue sports, and the lower grossing ones simply share a smaller pot of money; non-revs just get the scholarship.

Having a kid come in for one season to hang out only to increase their NBA stock and not be part of the broader and less entertainment oriented college experience? Bleah.

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Report: Irish TE to transfer to Kansas

wow. I was so jazzed with basketball I nearly missed this article. I am so impressed with the work ethic or incredible good luck of HCCW. Holy smoke.

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KU rowing rolls over Creighton

I did not find this very informative, almost like the staff doesn't really care about crew. Would it interest the reader to know that no men were rowing in the event - or were there? Who is the coach? What is this bracket thing? If there really were eight teams, then what were the other five? If KU did well, why did they also do poorly? Crimony.

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