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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

I was one of the few who defended Mangino when he got fired. I was lit up on this blog because he was too harsh. Allegations against Mangino were more than 5 years old. Where were the rest of you when he was fighting for his coaching job?

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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

3 years and one senior who played consistently is not enough.

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KU football uniforms to pay homage to Civil War regiment with complicated legacy

Nice of you to find the negative in your reporting. Bad things happened during the Civil War including the sacking of Lawrence and the graves up on hill.

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Jayhawks to wear Civil War-themed alternate uniforms Saturday vs. Baylor

Awesome! Now a victory would complete the day. Rock Chalk!

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football defense better, still not good

I agree! Keegan seems to relish the beating he is giving the program.

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Tom Keegan: Clock tick, tick, ticking on Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger

Does Keegan have a source or is he speculating?

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Kansas, Missouri renew basketball Border War for hurricane relief

I'd rather play cheatin' Louisville than Missouri. The point about injury is right on. Do you think they will go down with class. No way!

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Tom Keegan: Matt Campbell showing major progress already in second season at Iowa State

I don't think comparing the Iowa State coach and the situation at Kansas is a fair comparison. Iowa State has never been as low as Kansas and has a better tradition. They are also not as dominant is basketball and have somewhat of a mediocre balance. Kansas is all in on basketball and it infuriates me when they start promoting Late Night in the Phog in September.Lew Perkins is responsible for this mess. His personal vendetta against Mangino set all of this in motion. I am glad Mangino is finally getting some love. I think Beaty is a good ambassador for the University and I hope he gets his five years (Mangino had 7 if I recall correctly).

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