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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

Wow, a bunch of "true fans" on here today. We have a top 5 coach and people want to bash him. I got news for you people, Coach Self didn't lose this game. The game plan worked, the players just didn't execute the plan in the final 3 minutes. This one is on the players, but can't wait until next year. I do agree about EJ though he should have been ejected. He followed in TT's foot steps, those two have frustrated me the last two years or more.

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Elijah Johnson: T-Rob’s KU career ‘all over’

If he didn't have a sister to take care of, I would want him to come back. He is projected as the 2nd pick overall, you don't walk away from that money. And there is always a chance of injury and missing out on the money.

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It's showtime: Jayhawks seek revenge in tonight’s title game

Ok, Jay Bilas said that if Kansas wins it will be as big as an upset as NC State winning the title. Here is the key to winning tonight play physical, take the ball at Davis with post ups. It worked for IU when they beat kentucky and we have better talent in the post. Another thing getting tired of hearing all these so called "experts".

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... Big Easy go

I don't understand why some think this is a distraction. It's not HCBS leaving, and I'm sure the players understand that this happens. As for Coach Brown he can take Coach Hinson's spot as DBO.

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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

Good Luck Coach Manning you deserve it, on a positive note Ron Burgundy sequel.

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Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

Losing DM could hurt the chances of landing Parker.

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Arch rivalry: Thomas Robinson keeps KU focused — on Heels

I'm glad you are, but I'm not to confident that KU gets it done today.

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KU arrives in St. Louis focused on Wolfpack

Is it a big deal we are playing Coach Roy? No. Is it a big deal we are playing UNC? Yes

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All for 1 ... or 2: Jayhawks say seed doesn’t matter

This team has me a little worried. It doesn't matter what seed this team is, because I don't know if they can come out every game "in the zone." This team is very inconsistent, but I do hope they play well and make it far.

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Seniors give thanks to fans

This whole crap about the students doing the tomahawk chop and singing "Home of the Chiefs" is getting nerve racking.

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