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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

SELF has to take part of the blame for not telling the team to foul on Michigan's
last possession. He pulled a 'Calipari' blunder!!!!!!!


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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

SELF blew it! He didn't learn anything from 'Calipari's goof that gave us the '08' crown.
I didn't know that KU added a Major in Stupidity degree, EJ came out in the top of his
class with that one!!!

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FINAL: Late TD gives Texas 21-17 victory over KU

The stupid pre-vent doesn't work, especially when you only rush 3 men. And
5 receivers will ALWAYS find a hole in 8 defenders

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

Prevent defense, YUK. The only thing a prevent defense does is preventing a team ahead
by a couple of points, to lose a game. Rushing 4 lineman opens a hole up for the offense and gives the QB lots of running room once past the line of scrimmage. And yet teams still
use it.

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale


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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

Taylors body seem to react faster than his mind and tends to cause him to run amok..

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Charlie Weis’ search for D.C. ongoing

How about Steve Spagnolo, he may be out as the Ram's head coach. Steve did a fantastic job while being DC for the NY Giants.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Anyone other than me hear the rumor that the ND quarterback, a senior with another
year of eligibility might follow Weis to KU?

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FINAL: Kansas State blasts Kansas, 59-21

Fire the Coaches
Claim insanity
Forfeit the season
End the misery
And I thought the Chuck Mather era was a bummer in the 50's

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