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Saturday upsets muddle KU's bowl outlook

P.S. Fiesta Bowl won't take Arizona State. The selection committees for these bowls usually involve people from city management and the tourism industry. If they invited Arizona State, nobody would be filling hotels and restaurants.

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Saturday upsets muddle KU's bowl outlook

Current Predictions:
Championship - LSU vs Ohio State
Rose - USC vs At Large
Fiesta - Oklahoma vs At Large
Orange - Virginia Tech vs At Large
Sugar - At Large vs At Large

Those are automatics as long as LSU vs Ohio State is what the computers come up with. So we have 5 at larges to deal with. Hawaii gets one for being in the top 12 from a non BCS conference. So we're down to 4.

This is where it gets sticky. The #3 team gets an automatic bid if it hasn't received one. If they don't need that automatic bid, it goes to the #4. Georgia is in the mix for that depending on the computers, so they'll get that auto-bid. Now we're down to 3 and bowls can pick whoever they want. The contenders for those last 3 spots seem to be KU, Mizzou, West Virginia, Florida, and Arizona State. It all depends on who gets selected first between KU and Mizzou. The conference only gets two bids, so first team to get picked wins. The other goes to the Cotton Bowl.

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Athletic department charters helicopter to dry muddy field

$600 would have been a fraction of the cost of bringing out the tractors with heater carts that other teams use (those suckers churn through diesel). Smart idea, nonetheless.

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Columbians fear future loss

The game won't even be on national TV. ABC puts together these deals so that they have 3 or 4 games airing at once. The big game will go national, and the others will go to regional audiences. Nobody is going to see the KU-MU game except Kansas and Missouri. That's not national exposure.

What sickens me is that neither administration seems to have even considered that throwing away over a hundred years of history and tradition for some short term money is just a cheap idea that tarnishes the series.

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Columbians fear future loss

I'd really like the student body's at both schools get together and push the schools to formally agree to permanently play the games in their hometowns for the entirety of the series.

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Border War moving to Arrowhead for 2007 and 2008

We gave up a home game to play in Missouri? Vs Missouri? Are you freaking kidding me? Thanks Lew. Glad to see you're willing to flush over a hundred years' worth of history down the crapper for some more cash in the short term. Arrowhead is a dump, and the renovations won't even be done for this. Plus, you just cost the local merchants in Lawrence and Columbia a few million in food, beer, and hotel room sales. Way to be loyal to your community you hack job. If you wanted more exposure for the series, why don't you put the name back to Border War and remind all those broadcast networks that it's the oldest football rivalry this side of the misssissippi.

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Mangino contract has no buyout

capitalization and line breaks aren't your strong suit

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Randle transfers to SIU

Well, now he's the Carbondale Police Department's problem.

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Pigskin plans

Bye bye parking lot. We'll miss you.

We should just stop selling yellow permits to students for those lots and only sell them to the football team so they aren't forced to endure all that exercise walking over to the stadium.

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A banner day for KU barn

That new Phog banner is horrid. It looks like some 12 year old discovered his computer had multiple fonts. Uggg. Put the old one back up.

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