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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

Tarik is uber intelligent; HCBS is superhuman smart for landing him. Come on, organizational leadership? Kid making great long term career choices and at the same time using gut and some humor for the small stuff (jersey number)? Ridonkulas!

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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

The Northern Iowa ad is not cool, LJW. Understand you're running a business, but there need to be some limits?

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Opinion: Seeds say KU in toughest NCAA region

Tom, if we now become the first 1 seed to lose to a 16 will it "not be a problem" for you to eat a red scarf? Talk about creating some bad Juju!

Also, what is the conclusion of this piece?

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Opinion: KU makes it hard for recruit Julius Randle to say no

I agree with kugrad83 about the shirts and logo. For a OAD that contract alignment means more than any of us probably know.

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Opinion: At this point, change is due

Also, get serious, ..."starting Tharpe ... as little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." Talk with Old Roy or Cal if you want to be Chicken Little about the season. But don't denigrate this great Kansas team and wonderful season with histrionics

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Opinion: At this point, change is due

Totally disagree with Keegan on benching EJ. #nevercoached Good suggestions drgnslyr. Coaching is about reaching the individual, and connecting him with his potential and the higher purpose, and HCBS has proven he and staff can do this with any kid who is bought into the system. We all know EJ is bought in. We have all seen him excel on The biggest stage. And while he's a senior leader and starter, there is time. RocK ChalK

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Senior Kevin Young embracing role mentoring KU's freshmen bigs

Well deserved national honor for Hudy! Best in the business (Keep her happy Zenger).

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Heritage, hungry personality drive KU volleyball star Jarmoc

Note to HCBS: Guest speaker to the MBB team over the holidays and before BigXII season: Caroline Jarmoc. From all accounts it appears our crown jewel sport's team hosts more than a few entitlement-type attitudes. A good dose of "force" and calling it like it is from a peer athlete could only help. Good luck WVB on Friday and beyond!

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Opinion: Ben McLemore slams home beauty of the dunk

Seriously? I always sit back and enjoy these LJW columns and opinions ( and your comments frequent posters ! ). This I did not enjoy. What is this?

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