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In wake of basketball corruption trial's verdict, Self says his staff has done nothing wrong

The jury didn't accept the defense's argument. Seems the LJW is more reluctant to do so.

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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

I'm wondering what protections our pious school administration built into our recently renewed contract with Adidas.

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams a fast learner and runner

Maybe, just maybe, we ought to let the media work on improving its game rather than pontificate on how to run a football program and lead a charge to fire yet another football coach. Coach Beaty and the media both have had a terrible last three years, but there are signs rebuilding, patience, humility and introspection may pay off with the football program. Hope the media follows suit.

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Chemistry developing quickly for KU big men Udoka Azubuike, Dedric Lawson

It's intriguing to think about D Lawson at the 3, SDS at the 4, Dok at 5. You have to hit 60+% from two and out-rebound the other guys to offset 40+% from three.

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Bill Self: KU in 'good place' with Silvio De Sousa's eligibility

Fine point admittedly, but I believe the indictment's facts are that the players' families received the money, not the player, and that the money was paid after not before the player committed and without the knowledge of anyone connected to the school or the program. If one listened to the initial reports, it sounded like cash was paid to the player conditioned on him committing to a particular school.

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Zenger doesn't like 'victim' description for KU, expresses complete confidence in Self, staff in wake of college basketball scandal

"Vic" is better than "perp." Hope the new contract includes strong indemnities and a liquidated damages clause.

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Having fun and getting crazy with a few potential 2018-19 KU basketball lineups

Where is the "Best-3-point-line-Defense" lineup?

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Final Stop: Jayhawks crushed by 3-pointers in Final Four loss to Villanova

Teams that average 40+% from three have changed the game. That shooting rate forces their opponent to hit 60% from two for the same number of shots, or get 20% more shots from rebounds and turnovers and hit 50% of those shots to compete. If your team shoots 40% from two, then you're going to need 50% more shots to compete, and so on. Villanova doesn't turn it over, doesn't get creamed on the boards and defends their three-point line well. They've figured it out.

Villanova had well-below-par 3-point shooting nights in its four losses. If your defensive strategy is, let's hope they don't shoot it well tonight, that says a lot about your chances.

Next year we'll return to the double-post offense that's served us so well in the past. The question will be, will our two-point offense be efficient enough to compete with the Villanovas of college basketball?

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Kansas basketball lands No. 1 seed in Midwest region

This season's been one beotch after another, and our bracket looks like more of the same. So, let's just get on with it and take care of business.

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