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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Respectfully, Mr Kautsch states the law as he like it to be, not as it is, and of course the LJW (Mr Kautsch's client?) takes the bait. FOIA-type laws permit public litigants to withhold materials connected with litigation, and the school is using this report to answer the NCAA's charges. Leave them alone. The one sure way to upset a decision-maker like the NCAA is to try to litigate one's case in public.

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KU argues with NCAA that Adidas isn't a booster, but sends out flyer to local businesses suggesting otherwise

Welp, using that definition employees of the LJW, Capitol Federal and Koch Industries are boosters, too. Have some fun.

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California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA

Never thought I'd agree with anything California did, but their new law will force a change in the NCAA's booster rule and ultimately bring sanity to the NCAA's out-of-control enforcement office.

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KU AD Jeff Long expects hiring process for Hudy replacement to move quickly

Might want to think about Kansas Team Administration, i.e., outsourcing the AD administration to, I don't know, Apple.

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Jeff Long: NCAA needed 'more information' from KU after initial Silvio De Sousa appeal

The NCAA having been embarrassed will squeeze as hard as they can to hopefully force Silvio to stay in the draft by not deciding the university's appeal by May 29th. Then the NCAA can dismiss the appeal as moot.

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Self: KU didn’t change approach when OU started hot

Let's speculate on what Duke's record would be had they lost Zion after nine games. Yes, teams need to adjust when adversity strikes if they want to achieve, but adversity nevertheless affects the season's results.

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Big night on big stage leaves KU's Lawson brothers beaming

I believe KJ meant, "yeah, that's what we do in west Tennessee." There's a huge rivalry between Memphis and Knoxville, west and east Tennessee, low river delta and hill country, Memphis blues and country music. Kids from Memphis love to beat the snot out of the big, uppity kids from Knoxville. KJ, Dedrick and LaGerald were pumped up for the Tennessee game because they were getting a great shot at doing what is often a difficult challenge at the U. of Memphis.

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A month after KU coach caught on wiretapped phone call discussing recruit and money, chancellor has not talked to coach

I don't think Arizona's chancellor was expected to "talk" to Sean Miller after that debacle. Miller seems to be doing just fine.

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