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Jon Cornish, CFL MOP, also works as a bank teller

Thanks for the update, Benton. Is Cornish ever on any of ESPN's channels?
It's scary when he gets in the secondary. He's like a bull charging downhill and I really feel sorry for anyone that gets in his way.

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Basketball notebook: Embiid soccer tweet draws ire

Get some American dogs, you commie!

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QB Jake Heaps leaving Kansas; RB Darrian Miller, WR Andrew Turzilli also done

Anybody remember how smug Weis was when he recruited Heaps and the Notre Dame QB just a week or so after taking over?
It's not about your first week, it's about your wins or lack there of(4).

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Broncos’ CB Talib gives nod to Manning

Don't forget the Broncos D-Coordinator, Jack Del Rio, is also a Jayhawk. He played his football at USC, but later on, when working in KC, he got a degree from KU.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Weis is only a small part of the problem. He is doing the best he can with the limited football savvy that he has. The problem is the people that decided to hire this guy in the first place and guarantee him $10 million on the spot for signing some papers.
We, as fans, need to seriously consider the horrible judgment that we are financially supporting when we spend money on this program. If we want the University to change their approach to the football program, we need to stop feeding it.

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Opinion: Texas football should turn to …

The posters that don't like this article because Texas Football doesn't apply to the good people here, should consider getting off the farm sometime. I know you think places like Austin, Texas are "too far from here to ever amount to anything", and that Austin is a far away planet, but it's actually quite cool.

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Perry Ellis studying game of ex-Jayhawk Marcus Morris

I couldn't help but notice that today is June 23d and your lead article is basketball related. After the NBA Finals are over in America, unless we are doing a quick wrap of the past basketball season, there is only one sport Americans care about now (outside of Boston and New York), and that sport is not basketball.
Most of the people that read the LJW are Americans and FOOTBALL is their preferred sport and are ready for coverage of the FOOTBALL team.
ESPN airs College FOOTBALL Live everyday because that is what the people want. They don't air College Basketball Live everyday because that is what the people don't want.
Just an observation by a citizen looking out for the people.

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

The only time I see athletes not wearing headphones anymore is when they are on the field or in the postgame press conference. The other morning I saw someone, probably an athlete, had headphones in during a class lecture.
Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Are athletes introverted and don't want to hear anything outside their bubble? Do they just like music that much? Is it a way to counter those that chuck insults at them from a safe distance?

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