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The Race for Romeo — KU, Indiana and Vandy all vying for 5-star guard Romeo Langford

Who would be asked to seek other opportunities if we were to land Langford: Vick (presuming he does not improve dramatically and enter the draft.), Lightfoot, Cunliffe, De Sousa (not likely)? My guess is that Langford takes a hard look at where he can play immediately, with the least resistance, and chooses one of the other programs. I don't think he will want to compete that hard for a starting spot. I expect Newman will be back after testing the NBA waters (there are too many good guards already a given for the draft) unless he continues to improve and achieves MVP status for the Big 12 or NCAA tournaments.

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5 stats that popped in KU’s loss at Oklahoma

I was really frustrated watching this game, not so much about Self not pulling Azibuke, but about him not ever resting Graham. I cannot believe the team would have suffered that much if Self had given him a couple minute rest before one of the timeouts. He was so tired he fouled out. When's the last time we saw that happen?

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5 stats that popped in KU’s loss at Oklahoma

In watching this replay, several times, and hearing that Devonte was wrong by not going out with Manek, I don't see how that was possible. Both Svi and Manek were behind Graham, well behind. Unless Svi was calling out to Devonte to go with Manek, he had no way of seeing him move.

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Udoka Azubuike says he's open to trying underhanded free-throw technique

I just watched a documentary on Shaq. HIs team tried to convince him to shoot underhanded because of his poor make percentage, he wouldn't do it because he was afraid people would make fun of him. I wonder how many players have the same fear?

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Examining the potential impact of KU basketball playing 2 big men

Speaking of Preston, the kid obviously broke some rules. That is fine and good, but what is the wisdom in throwing his whole season out the window. Is it setting an example? This cannot be done in good faith. It appears clear the NCAA has no intention of clearing him, but I don't understand why they will not cut him loose and allow him to sign with an agent and get prepared for the NBA. The dragging out of this process serves neither the school, the student,nor college basketball, in general. C'mon NCAA Free Billy or cut him loose, NOW.

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2017: Udoka Azubuike

The way this young man always tries to tear the rim down seems dangerous to his wrists/ligaments again. I hope he learned from what happened last year.

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KU juniors Devonte' Graham, Svi Mykhailiuk made decisions to return on their own

I do not understand where Scott is getting his information. Is it just that one incident in which one of the Lawson brothers said something disparaging to Coach Tubby, or does he have more insight that the rest of us have about these two young men. I sure hope they do not read this comment by Scott and somehow believes that there are other KU fans who feel this way. The incident was unfortunate but to condemn two brothers for one F bomb? That is really disappointing. Who among us has not done something which in hindsight was a very poor choice??

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Jayhawks secure outright Big 12 title with win over Texas

i could tolerate Walton because i could turn the sound down or off. What i found most unacceptable was ESPN'S fascination with him, causing more split screens than i have ever witnessed in an NCAA game. Even with my 55 inch tv, I had trouble watching many of the plays on the half screen.

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 3 KU basketball vs. Washburn

ESPN posts the game one hour after it finishes under replays. I think there are 8 games this year I plan to watch after the game is over, since ESPN honors the blackout rules.

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He Will, He Won't, He Might: Devonte' Graham

I echo the other comments that this is a great idea for a series of articles.

But I have to agree with Dirk that there is no way Graham will drop below his freshman rate. He is a better shooter than he was two years ago and even if he gets fewer shots I predict he hits very close to 44% or even slightly exceeds it. Of course, as you have pointed out, this is all speculation but I believe the addition of Josh Jackson and the improvement I expect we will see in Bragg will keep defenders too busy to crowd Graham, leaving him comfortable to hit 45% of his shots beyond the arc. Right or wrong, I can barely wait. I will bet you a pint that his numbers are closer to 45 than to 39..;-)

Thanks for a great series.

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