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Jayhawks ride with Carter Stanley and offense takes off

I transferred to KU in January of 1966 and have seen many marvelous athletic moments. This win ranks right up there. I thought we were helpless, down 0-10 and then the "light came on". Really proud time to be an alumnus. RCJHKU!!

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Woodland wins! Former Jayhawk star captures first career major at U.S. Open

Very impressive! The chip on 17 was an all-time classic!

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

He might have been a really productive player in 3 years. This entire exercise is laughable. In Re to HCBS, "non manager EVER got paid TOO much money".

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Shooting struggles doom Kansas in loss to Iowa State during Big 12 title game

The roster is depleted. The Hawks had as much intensity as it could muster. The problem was that our talent, size and numbers did not match that of ISU. Too bad. It happens.

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KU is still fighting for ineligible forward Silvio De Sousa

Probably no one here remembers KU basketball player Vernon Vanoy who Pepper Rodgers convinced to play football. Not only did be become a ferocious pass rusher at KU but he had a career in the NFL. If memory serves me, the KU football roster is lacking talent. I really do think Les Miles might benefit from pursuing Silvio and maybe the NCAA will allow his participation.

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Jayhawks return home from Big Apple with increased confidence, lingering questions

Maybe someone ought to pull K.J. aside and remind him that he practices every single day at the "Mecca of Basketball". Just sayin' ........

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KU not retaining football coach David Beaty

Gill's players were not attending class and flunking out of school, at least those that were not on the way to jail. Say what you want about Charlie, he did clean out the riff raff.

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11 possible candidates to become KU football's next head coach

Miles is a band-aid and an irritating one at that. Doeren is the hire. Recently committed funds and other donors can account for the buy-out. I am almost 72 so don't make another mistake...LOL !!

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty followed wrong recruiting blueprint

My neighbor, Chris Condren, couldn't quite make himself use the "buzz term". Finally, after a very long time, new AD Jeff Long has to "drain the KUAD swamp". Thank God, HCBS and exceptionally good basketball players that the basketball program remains a juggernaut.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

Just heard Tom Keegan say that 6 state of Kansas football players have received football scholarships during the last 4 years. I knew the number was small but I did not know how small. Nicholls' roster is almost 100% Louisiana and it is a functional pretty darned good high school team. And KU was committed to getting Kansas players to build its base during the last 4 years?? We elected to NOT journey north from OKC for the opener for the first time in decades and I am happy we didn't. Having stopped my Williams Fund contributions last March, I have now made 2 good KU football decisions in a row. Very sad but good.

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