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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

Sounds mostly like a pity party. You should've heard the Longhorn fans when the Longhorn Network started and wasn't available on any providers, not even in Austin!
Unless they put this on a free channel that everyone in America receives, there's no way to make everyone happy.

This might just be La Fin du Monde.

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KU announces addition of Milton Doyle to basketball team

I welcome Milton and hope he is like Tyshawn....perhaps less the (oft discussed today) Twitter account ;-)

I hope HEM doesn't come to East Texas and critique my "old guys wednesday night hoops for fun" game. I am taking up a valuable space that many other old guys would love to have, but being the only person wearing Hawk gear amongst all the longhorn, baylor, and arkansas stuff, that might sway my grade just enough to be deemed defense certainly wouldn't!

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Some KU fans go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a Jayhawks win

one of my most common moves is to find the proper location for the tv remote. when we're playing poorly, it's all over the place (sometimes i even change the recall station, just in case that's the problem.)
if we go on a run while i'm holding the remote, i'll hold it the rest of the game.

my folks have an old jayhawk patch that sits on the mantle at the start of the game, and moves to various locations throughout the house until things start going well.

whatever it takes.

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Some KU fans go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a Jayhawks win

i've done so many stupid things to change the luck during games that i'd be listing them for days....

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Kansas’ Ben McLemore headed home

are y'all serious? Surely you knew Ben is from St. Louis, the same place we're playing this never crossed my mind he was leaving (he's been [no pun] through the toughest part already.)

i guess we're all de-tuned for bad news...

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Travis Releford exemplifies KU’s thieving ways

would that be "Intern J" :-)

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Hair and there, Withey changes game for KU

are you (Uwe Blab) kidding me??

what's next, Detlef Schremph?? ;-)

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D-tackle commits to KU football

I saw Sachse play Longview (a perennial Texas football power) in the playoffs this year. They were fairly impressive, I believe they've only been playing varsity level sports for 3 years. They certainly had some big boys out there, and have played good competition.

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KU men's basketball facing tough nonconference slate

am i missing something, did turner gill set the basketball teams' nonconference schedule?

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Kansas returns from Islands

I do believe they are referring to the Battle 4 Atlantis (the less than mythical resort in the Bahamas) tournament that both UConn and FSU lost in yesterday (and are playing each other today.)

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