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Finally, Zach Peters arrives at KU

Peters says he thinks he will play the 3 (small forward) and Self says he will play the 4 or 5. Typical big man haha. Best of luck to Zach though. I think he will be a big surprise when basketball fans see him play in Phog Allen.

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2011 Late Night in the Phog

Hope that picture of Ellis and Tarc ends up being a picture of our starting 4 and 5 next season. Any word on what Tarc thought of his visit?

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Gary Bedore's notebook: Travis Releford may play; DeAndre Daniels update

If they are celebrating after a pair of free throws,like it says in the caption, why are they all holding up 3's in the picture, like somebody just hit a 3? Glad DD will be there. Any news on Randle?

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Josh Selby chooses Kansas

i missed the beginning of the game and want to see the video of him announcing. anyone find the video online yet?

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Dwight Howard's A Jayhawk!


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Jayhawks well-represented on coaches' Big 12 teams

am i the only one that noticed blake griffin is going to second base on Cole?

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Jayhawks shop for area families

gleece i am already in the process. hopefully it turns out good. we will see

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Take that, guys!

hey for all the people who were talking about gurley's comment...He said he reminded him of ostertag not because of his game but because there was a play where cole was dribbling in the open court and made aa semi athletic play. This can draw comparisons to a play by the big O when he dribbled down the court and did a behind the back for a layup. I am almost 100% certain that is the reason for Gurley's quote. If u dont believe me go back and watch the game film from about 15 seconds before the comment was made. It cam right after cole was dribbling down the court. And yes i can see cole as more of a collison but not quite as coordinated and good of a ball handler. Collison had some stuff that cole has pulled out yet, though cole is young. He may get there but it is hard for a big 6' 11'' guy to have moves like collison did.

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KU's Stuckey, Briscoe, Holt earn all-Big 12 honors

how can you not put reesing on there?! And i could see carry meier making second team. kinda got hosed. Dez would have been first team if this conference wasnt so loaded. He deserves first team but the talent level of wr's in the big 12 is straight ridiculous. Biggest con: no reesing on the list. Happy for everyone else. They earned it.

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Who was KU's first-half MVP against Syracuse?

I was talking about Tyshawn in the beginning, sorry for confusion

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