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Riggle, wiggles highlight ‘Night

Maybe the Baylor has a Green & Gold pride org, like Okie State had the Orange Pride. You would not want to deny those cute Blond blue eyed bow headed Baptist girl the opportunity to check THAT off there Bucket list

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

Some time it's easy to forget this is a 19-20 yr old. I remember me at that age. I know I didn't have the life experience to handle these types of situations. Just wish him well and put him on every prayer list you know. I think he'll come out of this just fine, it'll probably take him 5+ yrs to figure it out.

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Notebook: Self pleased with team's late 'D'; Ben McLemore '100 percent'

It was pay back for the football game in Lawrence. Same senerio except in reverse.

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How former Jayhawks fared in Dec. 27 NBA games

Me toooooooo!

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Opinion: From the gridiron to the golf course, John Hadl's a gamer

I was sitting up in the stands behind Hadl the day he boomed the 94 yd punt. The OU returner almost fell over backwards as he watched the ball sail over his head. Needless to say there was "slight" north breeze blowin' that day.

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Saint Louis a scary opponent for KU

Off this subject. Jesse could we get the "Hawks in the NBA blog restarted. It's only time effect way to follow everyone.

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New day, new faces: Rumors, uncertainty abound in KU coaching search’s 11th day

According to ESPN Wiess is the new HC. Hope he keeps Mitchell as his recuiting coordinator

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Recruit Zach Peters resumes football career

There are effective treatments for closed head injuries. EEG-Biofeedback has proven effective in treating concussions. You can find lots of info on the web. I practice in Plano and would be willing to help him if he has any problems. Just want to make sure we do not violate any NCAA rules.

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Monday Rewind: North Dakota State

I agree with the espn blog. You do not come in and change the entire system of a football team and have it go smoothly. Coach Gill is changing the entire culture from one of fear based motivation, to one of personal accountability inspiration.
I remember when Barry Switzer recruited a young gun from Hennretta OK and tried to change the program at Oklahoma. I was in the stands that faithful Nov day when KU eat him up. Switer being the survivor he is understood the great american paradym of College sports.; its not how you play the game that counts, it's whether you win or lose. In our society if ya don't win ya don't get ta play anymore.
IMHO Tuner Gill is the right man for KU. I think he has to potential to be in the same league as Coach Self

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Loss could help KU down line

Jaybate. Sheron's problems started at the end of the K-State game when he had back spams. I'm not sure about Cole he has appeared to have stretches where he just wasn't up to par physically. every one chalked it up the emotional stress he was under. I dont know if he has a lowgrade nagging injury. It looks to me like Sherron's core is weak. That's why he is just a hair off on the 3 ;pointer's and doesnt have the body control to make those bank shots when he drives the lane. I just hope they have a good group of Chiro's.PT's and Trainer who know how to get him ready for the Tourneys.

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