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Snyder lauds Wildcat fans

Are we so bad that we have to write about KSU fans? I hope not and hope we improve.

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World class: U.S. rallies for win in Games opener

That wasn't what I said. That was not an excuse. Watch the one sequence in the second half when the big guy just bumped and bumped and then they called a foul on Landon. He helped us win with some good play in the second half.

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World class: U.S. rallies for win in Games opener

Go back and look at the game buddy. I wasn't making excuses for him only saying that sometime you are simply overmatched and can happen to everyone. Still think he did some good work. Watched the last quarter and he got a couple of good rebounds which helped keep the game in hand.

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World class: U.S. rallies for win in Games opener

Did you see the size of the Turkey inside players? I thought Lucas fought very well. Difference in what you are looking for I guess.

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Jayhawks all set to begin adventure

Fred, I'm surprised to hear you even bother to read any articles about the basketball team since you don't like them at all including not only the team but the newspaper. Perhaps you could find something else to read. As far as the team is concerned I saw both exhibitions this week and can say I was very happy with our players in both. Good luck guys. Hope you have a fantastic time, win some games, and build on what you have already started.

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Column: End nearing for Bonnie Henrickson?

I know not many would approve of a Junior College coach but they should take a look at Hutchinson Juco s coach.John Ontjes. He has taken a juco job and made a 100 game home winning streak, 3 years to the nationals, National runner up two years in a row and they are undefeated this year.

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Bill Self discusses Conner Frankamp's decision to transfer from Kansas (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

From the tone of the announcement by Bill I think he was disappointed about the transfer and had told both Conner and his dad that there would be more playing time this year. After that any player has to earn minutes. With that in mind I don't thing you can blame Coach for Conner leaving. Disappoints me too. Just have to wish him well.

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Charlie Weis tweets a molehill into a mountain

What a big deal after Coach Weis tweeted a simple retort to a bad piece of journalism. Every reporter, both written, and spoken feel they have the right and obligation to make fun of any sports teams and/or players in the area and are immune to critical comment. Baloney. It was the editor and others who made this a big deal. Leave the coach alone. Oh, and by the way shame on the one who put the cartoon and our own paper. Am I biased. You betcha.

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Wildcats: Lopsided win not enough

He's from k-State, what did you expect?

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 10, 4:16 p.m. - More on June Jones, Auburn and Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst; Plus, is Zenger now targeting NFL guys?

I really like the idea of Paul Chryst. Two years running as the top assistant nationwide. Could do a lot worse. What are our chances?

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