Comment history staff's Week 2 college football picks

I have no idea of the relative quality of the teams Georgia and Missouri will put on the field tomorrow. It does occur to me that there may be a small bias against those defectors from the state to the East of us.

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Wayne Simien proud of fundraising work

As long as we're talking about all things Jayhawkian (?), I must report that support for OUR TEAM extends to far and strange scenes. A week or so ago, we were in Banner Elk, NC (that's North Carolina!) and checking in to play golf. The kid at the counter saw my Jayhawk baseball cap and reduced our green fees by 25%. A day or two later we were on Grandfather Mountain (same state). I made a small purchase, still wearing THE BALL CAP. The clerk took my money, said he loved Bill Self and gave us a half dozen free postcards. Who knew in the heart of Krzyzewski-land and RoyWilliamsville that sentiment resided for us good guys!

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

Memo to Bill Self & Co.

Please try to be a little easier on this old geezer's heart. This whole tournament has been a recipe for MI (that's Myocardial Infarction for those of you who haven't been there). I couldn't watch the Syracuse game in '03 because I had just suffered an MI.

How about you make about 75% of your first shots and play lockdown defense and never give those one-and-doners a chance...please!

Hopefully yours,

Pinehurst Jayhawk

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No thanks: Duke remains perfect in Maui

If y'all want to feel a little more nonplussed, here's another little tidbit re: Tyler Thornton's magic shots: Prior to our game he had played something like 100 minutes...and had only taken NINE (that's 9) shots!

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Mike Krzyzewski lauds 'dream shot'

Rock Chalk, indeed. We taped the game and watched this morning. My Dookie wife complained the whole game about the way the refs were calling everything KU's way...but she kissed me and said we played well...even though we lost. Bummer. Come March we can maybe get another shot at 'em!

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Recap: Startling numbers about KU's recent losses as a double-digit favorite in the NCAAs

Dear KU62:
Will may have never met a man he didn't like, but the quotation you paraphrase was popularized by Mark Twain...who attributed it to Benjamin Disraeli.

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KU hoops commit Zach Peters to also tackle football in senior year of high school

Tony Gonzalez didn't do too badly at playing two sports...even in college. Go for it, Zack!

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