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Kansas sophomore Ochai Agbaji impressed with KU freshmen during early portion of summer workouts

A Super Bowl Championship and a Natty this year? How unbelievable would that be? I can't wait!!!!

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Improvment of KU sophomore David McCormack includes expanded range

Yeah I've been trying to think of a KU team with a stronger frontcourt. Remember T-Rob was only a freshman at the time he played with Morris Twins. So D-Mac is a year ahead of that pace. And Silvio, with Final 4 experience plus an extra year of development... Goes without saying, Dok is a beast!! I think this frontcourt edges them out....

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KU's Silvio De Sousa gets TV time at NBA Draft

Nice! Silvio is a stud!!

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Udoka Azubuike in early stages of getting back to his dominating ways

Honestly I don't want to see him crushing the rim. He keeps breaking his dang hands doing that stuff..

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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

Nice!!! Look at those numbers, dude can shoot the rock....Just what the doctor ordered and helps erase any perceived weakness on the team..

Come join the party Jalen!! Let's hang another NC banner at AFH!!

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Report: Jayhawks back in the running for Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss

And managed 25 wins after loosing #1 Center in the land, DeSousa held hostage, Ochi and Garrett gimpy, and Vick (by far our best 3-point threat) going awol. Do we even realize how many programs would sell their souls for just one 25 win season.

A look back at 21st Century KU Basketball!!!

2000–01 Roy Williams 26–7 Sweet Sixteen
2001–02 Roy Williams 33–4 Final Four
2002–03 Roy Williams 30–8 National Runners-up

2003–04 Bill Self 24–9 Elite Eight
2004–05 Bill Self 23–7
2005–06 Bill Self 25–8
2006–07 Bill Self 33–5 Elite Eight
2007–08 Bill Self 37–3 National Champions
2008–09 Bill Self 27–8 Sweet Sixteen
2009–10 Bill Self 33–3
2010–11 Bill Self 35–3 Elite Eight
2011–12 Bill Self 32–7 National Runners-up
2012–13 Bill Self 31–6 Sweet Sixteen
2013–14 Bill Self 25–10
2014–15 Bill Self 27–9
2015–16 Bill Self 33–5 Elite Eight
2016–17 Bill Self 31–5 Elite Eight
2017–18 Bill Self 31–8 Final Four
2018–19 Bill Self 26–10

Yeah I left out the years we got bounced first weekend. So what!!

In 10 of these 19 years we equal MU's best finish EVER in the tournament. Elite 8!!

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Report: Jayhawks back in the running for Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss

To all the KU trolls on here. Scoreboard!!!!!

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Azubuike, Elliott cleared to return to action for KU basketball program

Don't forget about Mitch!!! He's wirey!!!

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

I can't remember for sure but I believe he made something like 10 3's in a row to start his career. He just made every shot he got a chance to take in mop up time. It was fun to watch. Then he became a solid player for us....

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